Sprint officials wanted to celebrate its existing customers and their vastly improved network. As a result, Sprint launched the “Sprint Getaway Giveaway” sweepstakes. Through Sept. 16, customers can visit the “Sprint Giveaway Getaway” website and spin to enter.

Customers will have the opportunity to win one of 20 LG G5 smartphones or the grand prize: A trip for two virtually anywhere in the continental U.S. The trip will include airfare, hotel, spending money, and a new LG G5.

Customers can enter daily and earn more chances to win by following @Sprint or @SprintLatino on Twitter and tweeting once a day with #SprintGetawaySweepstakes. To enter and for more information on the sweepstakes, visit www.sprint.com/getaway. No purchase is necessary.

Cari Ferrara, Director, Lifecycle & Loyalty, Sprint, told Loyalty360 about the genesis of the sweepstakes.

“We wanted to celebrate the success we’ve been having with our network improvements,” Ferrara explained. “The real winner in network is the customer, so we thought it would be a great idea to celebrate by giving our customers a fun way to engage with the brand and the chance to win something in the process. Our goal is to get at least 15% of our addressable customer base to participate/engage in the program.”

Ferrara said that today’s customer is savvy, smart, and very familiar with the tools they have to research brands and the experience to expect.

“They also understand how to ask for a better experience if they aren’t satisfied,” she said. “Social media is a powerful tool in the hands of today’s customer. As a brand, we have to raise our game and answer our customer’s wishes, often in real-time. Real-time problem solving and response is table stakes for today’s consumer.”

For Sprint, loyalty is about a job well done.

“Loyalty means we’ve done our job and built a relationship with our customers based on delivering what we promised, creating open, mutually beneficial dialogue, and showing how much we value their business,” Ferrara explained. “In other words, we prove our loyalty to our customers first.”

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