As Loyalty360 learned in conversation with Le Tote’s marketers, the fashion-subscription model catching on among male consumers remains an open question. Female consumers are increasingly finding value in the convenience and cost-saving potential of renting clothing that is delivered directly to them, but it is unclear whether men will hop on the bandwagon.
However, it’s entirely possible that with the proper branding and marketing, male consumers will become more open to the concept. One brand, SprezzaBox, is making that bet and has partnered with a legacy men’s brand, Esquire, to bolster its appeal. Together, the companies will launch Esquire Box, which will contain the best and most in-demand men’s fashion accessories.
SprezzaBox first launched in 2014, offering monthly subscriptions of men’s fashion accessory boxes. Each box contains five to six different products with a retail value of over $100. Typical items include ties, socks, pocket squares, grooming products, and more. Since its founding, SprezzaBox has shipped over one million boxes worldwide and has provided over 250,000 customers every month with high-quality accessories at an affordable cost.
“In collaboration with the editors of Esquire, we’re pleased that our partners at Sprezza have curated an array of fashion accessories that embody the very essence of style which our readers know and expect,” says Steve Ross, Global Head of Brand Development & Chief Licensing officer for Hearst Magazines.
Philip Sblendorio, CEO of SprezzaBox, adds, “We are excited to get these into the hands of our 30,000 members. What makes this partnership even better is that we will be offering this box to all new subscribers, including the millions of Esquire fans. We also have a few other surprises that we will announce soon.”
The cost for the Esquire Box is $28 at membership sign-up and is available for immediate shipment. At $28, the cost of entry is significantly lower than most of its female counterparts. In addition, the Esquire brand name and inclusion of lifestyle items (instead of fashion items only) may find male consumers considering such a service for the first time.

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