Sports Authority Customer EngagementEnsuring a personalized customer experience is the name of the game for successful customer engagement marketers today, and it’s a game that Sports Authority aims to win.

Recently, highly personalized and individualized customer experiences have been a hot topic and a growing concern for many brands. This is because more and more are increasingly realizing the value of building and strengthening the type consumer relationships that can generate truly authentic connections.

For Sports Authority, however, this approach to customer engagement is not some trendy or short-lived scheme. Nor has it just recently jumped onto the personalization bandwagon.

Rather, Sports Authority has remained genuinely committed to personalized customer engagement for a number of years, and it is a commitment that the brand continues to uphold.

This philosophy is one of the driving forces behind Sport Authority’s enduring relationship with Certona, a leading omni-channel and personalization platform that leverages behavioral profiling and predictive technology to increase customer engagement.

As one of the country’s leading sporting goods retailers, Sport Authority relies on Certona to create deep and authentic connections with its customers. And this has resulted in a very successful partnership between the two organizations, which has led to Sports Authority’s recent decision to renew its agreement with Certona for the fifth consecutive year.

“We strive to provide a richer personalized site experience that further engages our online customer with the goal to improve relevancy, basket size and conversion,” said Jason Ostendorf, Sports Authority Director of E-commerce Operations. “With the help of Certona, we are turning first-time visitors into first-time buyers and ultimately lifetime customers.”

Sports Authority customerSports Authority understands that customers expect to be connected with the online content and product knowledge that is relevant and meaningful to their particular interests. And since 2010, Certona’s patented technology has helped Sports Authority demonstrate its passion for helping customers engage with the sports and games they love.

Certona delivers this capability through a host of data-driven and real-time solutions that not only predict behaviors, but also produce one-to-one customer engagement across every touch point.

“Sports Authority pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and truly sees the value of investing in advanced, real-time personalization,” said Meyar Sheik, CEO of Certona. “By tapping into the Certona Predictive Cloud, Sports Authority is able to create, and constantly refine, tailored experiences for its active, engaged community of sports enthusiasts.”

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