Brand advocacy is one of the most basic metrics for determining a customer’s loyalty. Many companies use NPS to measure brand advocacy, with positive scores indicating good advocacy and negative scores indicating that a brand has more detractors than advocates. Regardless of the metric used, however, most brands would clamber over one another to achieve a 90-percent advocacy rate within a given demographic.
This is exactly what Sparkling Ice, a brand under the umbrella of Talking Rain Beverage Company, has done. It has received the 2019 Women’s Choice Award for best customer experience and overall quality in its category. Nine out of 10 women would recommend Sparkling Ice to family and friends, according to a survey conducted by the Women’s Choice Award organization. This recommendation rating served as the main reason the award was given to the brand.
“It is truly an honor to be awarded the Women’s Choice Award and be recognized for the high satisfaction and love of our products amongst women,” says Nina Morrison, Sparkling Ice’s Vice President of Public Relations. “By obtaining this award, Sparkling Ice continues to signify our commitment to empower women in both the beverage industry and the category, as well as our female customers across the country.”
The Women’s Choice Award resonates with the brand as its core demographic consists of women who are making smart buying choices for their families. Most female consumers seek recommendations amongst their friends and family when buying products, so it’s extremely significant to the brand that the vast majority of women rated the Sparkling Ice experience and product quality as high.
Morrison adds, “At Talking Rain, we pride ourselves in giving women equal opportunity within and outside our workplace, as evident within our strong female leadership team. Sparkling Ice provides consumers with fizzy and fruity product offerings, now with naturally sourced colors and flavors, and we’re thrilled that our female buyers continue to be loyal fans of the brand. We look forward to continuing to be a go-to for women everywhere, while developing exciting new innovations that consistently please just about every flavor palette.”
Clearly, Sparkling Ice must be doing something right to achieve such high advocacy. The fact that so many women are willing to recommend its products is evidence that the company has implemented successful strategies and processes. We suggest other brands pay attention to what it is doing. 

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