Southwest Airlines Brand LoyaltyIn this era of brand transparency, Southwest Airlines has taken this concept to a new and clever level.

Global consumers are never excited about paying ancillary fees connected to airline travel. Southwest Airlines launched a campaign in early October to spark customer engagement, conversation, and, hopefully, impact brand loyalty. The campaign is called “Transfarency.”

The national “Transfarency” campaign will appear on TV, print, and digitally for 15 weeks.

What’s more, there is a microsite that includes videos and quizzes, including a “Fee or Fake” quiz that gives “tips” to help travelers avoid other carriers’ fees.

But, the central theme of the campaign is that Southwest is the only airline that does not charge these ancillary fees.Southwest Airlines Brand Loyalty

“If you’re fed up with the way other airlines have been treating you, we don’t blame you,” according to the “Transfarency” microsite. “Share your story using #FeesDontFly to take a stand.”

And there is this question as well: “Are you over other airlines charging you first and second checked bag fees, change fees, and what-the-heck-was-that-even-for fees? At Southwest, we do things differently.”

“Low fares. Nothing to hide. We’re all about being open and honest with Customers and making sure pesky fees stay away from our low fares. That’s Transfarency.”

A commercial for the “Transfarency” campaign comprises the following:

“When did paying for airfare become so unfair? At Southwest, we do things differently. So differently, we invented a word for it: Transfarency. Transfarency means we don’t dream up ways we can trick you into paying more. It means respect. Because we don’t just fly you, we like you.”

What’s more, on the microsite, Southwest uses the following graph to depict its commitment to no ancillary fees:

$0 to check one bag

$0 to check another bag (Yep, still free)

$0 for change fees

+$0 for respect and smiles and maybe a joke or two

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