Leader in Proactive, Multi-Channel Communications Helps Consumer-Facing Organizations Improve Customer Relationships

BEDFORD, Mass., May 11, 2010—SoundBite Communications, Inc. , a leading provider of on-demand, multi-channel proactive customer communications, today introduced its Customer Lifecycle and Optimization Solution Suites. SoundBite’s interactive Customer Lifecycle Solutions address key business challenges to help businesses build strong customer relationships from acquisition through retention, while its Optimization Solutions provide enterprise-wide solutions that enable more efficient and effective customer interactions. Both are powered by SoundBite Engage(TM), the company’s multi-channel communications platform.

“Today’s highly competitive business climate requires organizations to leverage communications preferences to break through to today’s mobile consumer,” said Debbie Braunert, vice president of solutions and product marketing for SoundBite Communications.  “Our Proactive Customer Communications Solution Suites are packaged to deliver quick time to value to our clients.”

SoundBite Customer Lifecycle Solutions

SoundBite Customer Lifecycle Solution Suites address four major business areas that are designed to improve business performance, deliver lifetime customer value and increase profitability:

  --  Proactive MarketingSM -- Organizations, now more than ever, have a need
to communicate proactively with their customers. SoundBite helps
companies gain opt-in to acquire new customers and engage with existing
customers to increase activations, customer loyalty and retention, and
drive incremental usage of their products and services.
-- Proactive Customer CareSM -- Today's consumers have a heightened
expectation of customer service and do not hesitate to call the contact
center for even basic questions, incurring substantial costs for
companies. SoundBite helps organizations proactively communicate with
customers, providing more personalized service, increasing customer
satisfaction and loyalty and reducing costly inbound inquiries.
-- Proactive PaymentsSM -- SoundBite helps organizations increase liquidity
and operational savings through more on-time payments and self-service
transactions. Now organizations can prompt customers for payment before
the due dates, inform them of their account status and alert those who
are approaching or exceeding spending limits. Recurring, as well as
expedited payments, can be triggered in real-time through voice and text
messaging channels.
-- Proactive Collections and Risk ManagementSM -- Decreasing delinquencies
and preventing further losses are top priorities for many organizations.
SoundBite's vast experience developing collections and fraud management
strategies helps organizations maximize profits, accelerate the recovery
of debt, reduce further losses and mitigate risk.

SoundBite’s comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Solutions allow consumer-facing organizations to engage more actively with their customers at every stage of the communications lifecycle. And while many organizations share similar customer communications needs, each industry has specific business challenges. As a result, many of SoundBite’s Customer Lifecycle Solutions are tailored to address these unique needs. One example is SoundBite’s Debit Card Overdraft Enrollment Solution, which enables issuing banks the ability to offer consumers continuity of their overdraft services while complying with recent regulatory changes.

SoundBite Optimization Solutions

SoundBite Optimization Solution Suites address enterprise-wide business requirements to offer greater potential for differentiating services and engaging customers.  With its Optimization Solutions, SoundBite helps organizations simplify business processes and develop communications strategies that improve the bottom line:

  --  Mobile -- Breaking through to today's consumer demands mobile
communications. SoundBite's Mobile Solutions allow organizations to
implement intelligent, interactive, fully-automated text, voice and
email dialogs to reach consumers on their mobile devices. Interactions
can utilize a blended channel strategy and can be automated or
agent-assisted to provide an unmatched customer experience. One leading
wireless provider, for example, recently leveraged SoundBite's Contact
Center Text Messaging Solution to provide its subscribers a combination
of fully-automated and agent-assisted support to drive increased
-- Preference Management -- By adopting a Preference Management strategy,
organizations can create more personalized interactions with customers
via their preferred channels while effectively managing opt-ins. As a
result, these organizations benefit from increased response rates,
higher customer satisfaction, and deeper customer engagement.
-- Contact Center -- With SoundBite, organizations can enhance contact
center operations resulting in increased agent productivity, reduced
operating expenses and increased customer service levels. The SoundBite
Connect Solution provided Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
functionality for a top issuing bank, reducing customer hold times to
three seconds and caller abandon rates by 83 percent.
-- Analytics -- Continued campaign optimization is critical to sustaining
measurable results from a proactive customer communications strategy.
SoundBite's custom analytics and strategic recommendations help drive
sales, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and boost

About SoundBite Communications

SoundBite Communications is a leading provider of on-demand,  multi-channel proactive customer communications solutions designed to transform the way organizations communicate throughout the customer lifecycle to build trusted, lifelong and profitable relationships.  Clients can leverage SoundBite’s proactive customer communications offering and expertise in designing, executing and optimizing communications strategies to engage in relevant customer interactions that deliver long-term business value. Visit SoundBite.com for more information.

SoundBite is a registered service mark of SoundBite Communications, Inc.  SoundBite Engage is an unregistered trademark.


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