For AIRTAG CEO Jeremie Leroyer, smartphones will revolutionize the future of mobile shopping. Leroyer’s company, which launched in London and Paris six years ago and in the U.S. last year, provides white-label mobile commerce and loyalty solutions. AIRTAG’s customers include McDonald’s, KFC, and Reebok. 

According to AIRTAG research, restaurant loyalty members spend 150% more. AIRTAG’s AIRSHOP white label mobile wallet enables retailers to offer mobile wallets for ordering and payment, loyalty and couponing, and deliver a digital shopping experience across channels.

“We think smartphones will change drastically the way people shop in the future,” Leroyer told Loyalty 360. “Our vision is more about changing the way people shop in stores. We think it will drive more loyalty and provide new services and new experiences. The QSR business one of our first targets. We think people will use smartphones to access menu lists and loyalty rewards. It’s really a new engagement for the customer, a completely new experience. Loyalty is really at the core of this service. What consumers are expecting from merchants is to give them more convenience, more than a traditional loyalty card.”

Leroyer believes that people are “bored with lots of loyalty cards” in their wallets.

“They want something in their phone, something that triggers automatically in the store, and this is what we want to achieve,” he said.

AIRTAG’s turnkey solution connects to any POS systems, Leroyer said.

“The QSR industry until recently didn’t have any loyalty programs because they weren’t possible and would slow down the takeout process,” Leroyer said. “Now QSRs can embrace loyalty programs in a new way that won’t impact the process and time at the POS.”

Loyalty programs based on 1-to-1 marketing create more frequency of business and a better experience, Leroyer added.

“The smartphone is really at the core of that,” he said. “What we’re seeing is cautiousness from merchants when it comes to innovation, specifically mobile. Mobile shopping in Germany and France is maybe 1-2 years ahead of us in terms of adoption. I’m absolutely convinced mobile loyalty programs will become more popular in the U.S.”

The challenge, Leroyer said, is to educate people about what it means and how they should use their smartphones in stores.

“Within three years in the U.S., people will know what to do with the smartphone,” he said.

The McDonald’s mobile shopping application, GoMcDo, which allows patrons to order and Pay by Mobile before getting to the restaurant, has already been implemented in more than 50 restaurants in Europe with an additional 1,200 locations scheduled to deploy in the coming months.

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