If there’s one thing drivers agree on, it’s that even a small improvement to the fueling experience can go a long way. This was the thinking from Shell, which announced Thursday that it reached an agreement with JPMorgan Chase to accept Chase Pay at U.S. locations.
Through the collaboration, customers will be able to pay for fuel through the Chase Pay app, removing the need for physical credit or debit cards and creating a more seamless payment process.
“We recognize consumers are looking to mobile solutions for everyday needs, including shopping, travel, restaurant reservations and more,” said Craig Schneider, Shell GM and Vice President of Retail Marketing North America. “Adding Chase Pay to the multiple payment methods Shell accepts will deliver a simplified, differentiated and personalized customer experience while driving loyalty.”
The integration is designed to feed into Shell’s Fuel Rewards program, launched in 2013 along with Excentus. Fuel Rewards has already proven to be valuable to consumers, with members saving 22 cents per gallon on average.
“As industry leaders, we will work together to change how consumers purchase fuel, ultimately driving more brand loyalty,” said Jennifer Roberts, President of Strategic Alliances and Loyalty Solutions for Chase.
The Chase Pay system is as secure as it is convenient; a closed-loop platform called ChaseNet eliminates merchant fraud liability, ensuring a completely safe platform for fueling stations and customers alike.
“Together, we’ll make it easier at Shell stations for the growing number of customers who pay with their mobile phones,” said Tom Nipper, Executive Director of Global Enterprise Solutions for Chase Commerce Solutions. “It will help deepen our relationship with our common customers and reinforce the value of the Fuel Rewards® program.”
The partnership is an alliance of titans: Shell is the largest fuel retailer in the U.S., and Chase is among the largest U.S. credit card issuers. Chase Pay is already in use on 24 million accounts, providing a robust consumer base that will be positively affected by the partnership.

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