SocialTwist Helps ShareBuilder Achieve Quality Lead Generation through Word-of-Mouth Social Media Marketing Campaigns

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 20, 2010—SocialTwist announced today that ShareBuilder Securities Corporation has extended its contract with the company through 2011. Through its Tell-a-Friend (TAF) suite of services, SocialTwist harnesses the power of peer referrals, enabling users to seamlessly spread brand messages to their social network of friends across all online communication channels.  

In 2009-2010 ShareBuilder used SocialTwist’s popular Refer-a-Friend program,  TAF4Rewards, which specializes in targeted promotions, sweepstakes,  coupons, rewards, loyalty, and lead generation programs.  By implementing TAF4Rewards, ShareBuilder increased customer acquisition and account usage by existing customers.

With SocialTwist’s services, clients like ShareBuilder receive comprehensive analytics through a custom-tailored campaign dashboard, which reports sharing, click-through and conversion rates.  Clients can also elect to allow end-users to check their reward goal progress through a mini-referral tracking dashboard.

“SocialTwist helped ShareBuilder take our viral marketing efforts to the next level with their turnkey platform, which allowed us to scale and optimize our campaigns,” said Lyamen Savy, Marketing Lead at ShareBuilder Securities Corporation. “We are very pleased with the results that SocialTwist has helped us achieve and look forward to continuing our relationship with their responsive technical and account management teams.

Supporting over 80 of the most popular social media channels including email, IM,  social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as bookmarking services such as Delicious and Digg, TAF4Rewards capitalizes on the virality of the social web while providing complex marketing promotional logic and analytics in an easy-to-implement solution.

“We look forward to continuing to help ShareBuilder engage loyal customers and generate new customer leads through word-of-mouth social media campaigns,” added Vijay Pullur, founder and CEO of SocialTwist.

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About SocialTwist

Launched in September 2008 and based in Mountain View, CA,  SocialTwist develops tools that turn social media into social marketing.  The company harnesses the power of referrals - a key driver in consumer purchase decisions - to help marketers connect in a measurable way.

SocialTwist’s flagship Tell-A-Friend (TAF) suite of services promote highly viral –  and trusted – word of mouth marketing campaigns online by combining marketing messages, the power of referrals and the social platforms customers use most, from email to the most popular social networks.   TAF’s ability to improve click-through to sites, generate new revenue and promote virality is proven and measurable.

The TAF suite of services includes a free version for bloggers, another which incorporates rewards and incentives, and versions for businesses and for brands.

To date, over 87,000 publishers use TAF and over 5 billion TAF impressions have been made.  SocialTwist has supported successful campaigns for major brands like Intel, P&G, Barnes and Noble, Jamba Juice, Old Navy, Quiznos,  USAA, Bertelsmann, NDTV, and Indiaplaza.  

SocialTwist was created and funded by Pramati Technologies, one of the best known and profitable engineering companies in India.  The CEO is founder Vijay Pullur.

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