The battle for brand loyalty is prevalent in nearly every industry, but perhaps nowhere moreso than in hospitality. Hotels are constantly looking for any opportunity to engage with customers, and these solutions often manifest as competing loyalty programs. With programs like Wyndham Rewards and Choice Privileges, there is no shortage of apps with which guests can engage. Often, the differentiating factor in these touch points is not the rewards offered or the value proposition, but rather how easy it is for guests to enroll and participate.
Part of this ease of use is utilizing the digital platforms that have risen to prominence in recent years, specifically mobile. As hotel brands continue to make the leap into the mobile app space, mobile marketing provider SessionM is aiding companies in the transition process.
“Our core product handles a wide array of services including identity management, which is what a lot of clients we’re working with in the hospitality space are interested in, so that includes the ability to create and manage profiles in the cloud in a way that allows a number of independent groups inside of an organization to access that profile as well as store information against that profile that is unique to that organization,” said John Hutchison, director of enterprise solutions for SessionM.
In addition to providing ease of use to guests engaging with the app, the solutions give brands valuable customer data that can be leveraged to further understand consumer needs and personalize the customer experience.
The mobile platform is far from a one-way street; hotels can easily blast brand messaging through the app through the use of push notifications and alerts.
“They have guest information that is common across all the properties—name, email, address, gender, etc.—and each individual property can now access the preferences a guest has stated for that property in ways that matter to that property,” continued Hutchison. “If I want to market to a guest for a chainwide piece of marketing, I have that profile available and if a specific property wants to run marketing campaigns, they know how to personalize and target those campaigns relevant to the profile that is stored for that property.”

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