For almost every retailer, the rules of customer engagement have changed. Customers can now interact with you at any time – on a smart phone, on a tablet, on the Web, even from their gaming console. With this great interactivity and endless connectivity comes potential vulnerability.

What customers often don’t consider is that every time they enter data, their information flows into cyberspace, available for pirating.  Whether consumers realize it or not, there will always be barbarians at the gate.

Security issues cost the government, consumers and retailers billions of dollars. Retailers have a responsibility to protect customer data.  If you maintain the right kind of vigilance, not only will it protect you from costly hacking and a public relations nightmare, it will reward you with higher sales, lower fraud and higher customer satisfaction.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Counsel has established a set of data compliance standards that all retailers should follow. The rules cover where your data is stored, how you hire staff, the way employees maintain secure logins, and how customer service reps enter information from calls with customers.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure your business is in compliance – and that your customer data is safe. Read more.

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