Sears Holdings Co. has launched a Facebook e-commerce application for its Sears and Kmart retail brands targeting incoming college freshmen.  Called “Campus 2010,” the platform allows incoming college students to connect with their soon-to-be roommates to virtually decorate their dorm rooms using Sears and Kmart products.

The portal also includes a wish list, similar to a wedding registry, so students can share gift ideas with friends and family. The application includes links to and, where users can purchase the items they selected from their “dream boards,” such as lamps, bedding and electronics.

“What [consumers are] able to do is not only connect and get to know each other a little bit, but also plan what their dorm room is going to look like based on items that are available through Sears’ and’s sites, and be able to really build their room,”  said Natalie Norris-Howser, a spokeswoman for Sears Holding Co., which owns and operates Sears and Kmart. “As incoming freshmen, a lot of times both the guys and the girls really want their rooms to be super cool and coordinated in some way — and we give them an opportunity to do that.”

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