Sears Canada Modernizes Loyalty Program with Enhanced Mobile Features

Sears Canada Loyalty ProgramNeglecting to move swiftly into the digital age can just as quickly render customer engagement strategies irrelevant and obsolete. The marketing landscape exists in a vortex of dynamic flux and constant transformation, and brands must take a vigilant approach to the way they design the customer experience. This means understanding and staying in step with how consumers behave and how they want to shop.

To keep pace with these changing habits, Sears Canada is taking significant strides in a digital direction, and two new initiatives are planning to further modernize the brand’s customer engagement processes. These improved customer experiences will see important updates to the Sears Club loyalty program and the Sears Canada credit card program.

“To be more firmly into the digital age, addressing the desire by customers to transact on their mobile devices is an important component of our platform,” Vincent Power, Sears Canada, Corporate Communications, told Loyalty360. “With the enhanced Sears Club, we want customers to be able to, of course, earn points via mobile when they purchase but also to allow them to redeem their points for purchases made on their mobile devices and access their point balance. Keeping up with customer preferences in how they want to transact with us is an important component of our marketing platform.”  Sears Canada customer engagement

The enhanced Sears Club loyalty program will launch just before this coming holiday shopping season. In addition to earning points made across all online, mobile, and in-store channels, the new loyalty program will also allow customs to earn extra points through bonus opportunities, with any debit or credit card accepted by Sears, and even through select outside brands.

The transition to this new program also promises to be simple and seamless. Customers need only to maintain their current status as members and the transition should happen automatically.

Alongside these new loyalty program enhancements, Sears Canada is also continuing to develop a new Sears Canada credit card program. This will see the termination of Sears’ current agreement with JPMorgan Chase in November, which the brand says will increase flexibility and help manage an array of promotional strategies.

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