Sears Brings a Modernized Customer Experience to Holiday Shoppers

Sears CXAs we get closer to the holiday season, many brands are looking to further enhance the customer experience in anyway they can. Since competition for the attention of holiday shoppers is fierce, Sears Canada has just announced plans to update both its loyalty program and transactional process. The brand states that the main goal is to “modernize” the customer experience and bring it firmly into the digital age.

This move comes after 2015’s recent quarter demonstrated a significant turning point for Sears, which highlighted a number of positive sales trends. Therefore, the new business initiative to bolster its loyalty program is an effort to keep this momentum going as the holidays quickly approach.

Specifically, an enhanced Sears Club will now allow consumers to earn points across a wide variety of channels and touch points. In addition to in-store purchases, club card members will now be able to earn points from purchases made through the catalogue, online and through any mobile device.

These new modernization efforts will also see Sears Club update and rebrand itself. The new look and feel promises to offer a more relevant customer experience for digital consumers.Sears Club for holiday shoppers

"We are excited to launch the enhanced Sears Club loyalty program, which allows customers to earn and redeem points on purchases using their preferred method of payment," said Brandon G. Stranzl, Executive Chairman, Sears Canada Inc. “Our customers already have a meaningful direct one-on-one relationship with us, and this relationship will be further enriched through the launch of the improved Sears Club loyalty program.”

Both the new Sears Club membership card and a program kit will arrive in a few short weeks.

Furthermore, the program updates are reported to be seamless for existing members. All Sears Club points will transfer to the new Sears Club membership card while maintaining their existing value. New features will also be added including an enhanced bonus structure and an expanded network of participating brands.

“These program enhancements provide an opportunity to reach out and speak directly with millions of our customers, and to increase the number of recurring touch points between us and our customers so we can provide them with an outstanding retail experience that helps them outfit their lives with brands they love," Stranzl said.

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