Marketers understand that both social media and e-mail marketing are here to stay. We hear a lot about these topics, but another tool is often left out of the discussion — search.

Many marketers miss out on the synergy that search has with other digital channels, especially with e-mail marketing.

The problem is that in most organizations, the search team and the e-mail team are separate entities, and the communication between the groups is nonexistent. They often compete for the same budgets as well.

Organizations that are able to harness search and e-mail channels together will be able to realize the benefits of loyalty, revenue and ROI. Following are a few starting points to bring search and e-mail together:

Communication is key. Do you currently have one person who is responsible for search marketing and another for e-mail? If so, it is time to introduce those two folks to get them talking. There are immediate benefits that ongoing search and e-mail campaigns can provide each other without any additional investment.

Read the other starting points here.

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