Content matters more than ever in today’s world. To that end, SDL has done great work lately, aiding in translation services for brands around the globe. To learn more about SDL’s approach, Loyalty360 recently spoke with Peggy Chen, Chief Marketing Officer for the organization.
Chen said, “We’re working with our customers, looking at all of their content supply chain challenges. We’re noticing (and this is supported by research) that in today’s day and age, it’s more about content than ever, and our clients are looking at scaling it to figure out how to better engage with their customers.”
She continued, “There’s definitely more of a push toward figuring out how technology, particularly from an artificial intelligence side (and we’ve been doing a lot of research and development around linguistic AI capabilities), can help our customers scale their alterations efficiently.”
Asked about what type of AI content she works with, Chen replied, “We end up interacting with the full spectrum of content. Take, for example, any B2C company. In the marketing department, we get a lot of brand-created content. I think there’s increasingly more videos, but even with the website content, people continue to revamp the site, so that a lot of that comes through to us, as well.”
She elaborated, “We are also seeing a lot more people looking at what to do from the peer-creative-production side. Take Under Armour as an example, which we have case studies out there for. When they’re launching their loyalty campaign, it’s videos, but it’s also a bunch of snippets that they’re putting on to advertise on various social media sites. There’s a ton of different formats, so while they’ve done the creative with the agency of record, how did they ‘multiply’ that to all the different channels, plus all of the different languages to hit their global audiences? That can be a very time-consuming process. In some cases, the agencies just farm it out to a lot of different vendors. When they get it back, it’s not on a singular timeline, in which case it becomes very hard to activate any digital program.”
Chen commented on other trends affecting her organization. “We’re seeing these days more and more,” she said, “that during the buying process, people are looking for more of the technical, how-to-type content. We’re seeing a lot more companies looking at ‘how do we integrate this with marketing?”
Loyalty360 asked Chen what she thinks is the biggest problem SDL is solving for brands. She said, “The biggest challenge is how we help them ultimately scale their global content operating model. That’s something we talk about with them a lot, because everybody does all this, but often times, it’s done in silos, and there’s really no overarching strategy for it.”
“If you walked into any of these major brands,” she said, “and you asked them, ‘How much content are you really trying to create, and how much do you need to create?’ There’s not really a fixed answer, because it’s constantly morphing and constantly changing.”
She continued, “Then, when you ask them, ‘How many languages do you actually need to translate that into? What is the ultimate scale of this problem? And what are the technology pieces that come together in this entire content supply chain?’ It’s still scattered across a lot of different departments, sitting in a lot of different places.”
Chen and team have buckled down to address this challenge. “We built out this whole concept of a global content operating model along with Forrester that walks companies through where they are in the maturity cycle and walks them through how to optimize this operating model.” Because of Chen’s efforts, SDL is seeing more and more success.

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