SCENE Reaches 10 Million Members

SCENE, one of Canada’s largest theater loyalty programs, has just launched a campaign for National No Excuses Day. The goal of the campaign is to encourage families and friends to get out there and socialize with each other more often. It also celebrates an important company milestone: reaching 10 million loyalty program members.
Matthew Seagrim, Managing Director at SCENE, says, “There is now a SCENE member in more than 50 percent of Canadian households, and more than 60 percent of Canadian millennials are in the program. We are excited about the future. With 10 million members, we can bring even more value and excitement to our members. We look forward to launching more experiences and more opportunities for SCENE members to engage in the program in the next few months.”
According to a survey conducted by the company, more than 90 percent of Canadians have made an excuse to avoid going out with friends and family, and millennials are the most likely group to make such an excuse. Almost three quarters of Canadians polled agreed that people aren’t getting enough face time in person. Furthermore, half of Canadians feel they do not go out as often as they would like to.
However, the survey also says that more than half of Canadians say that dinner and a movie is the ideal night out. Therefore, Scene launched the campaign to inspire its 10 million members to prioritize time for shared social experiences and point out how often they are making unnecessary excuses to avoid in-person contact, which is a crucial thing in life nowadays.
“With so many commitments and responsibilities, people often get caught up in their daily routines and forget to pause to have some fun,” says Seagrim. “We are thrilled to be launching National No Excuses Day on September 27 to encourage Canadians everywhere to say ‘yes’ to making memories together. Whether it’s food, flicks, or other fun, SCENE is making it easier to make time for the ones who matter most, while at the same time celebrating a huge milestone for our team.”
In addition to being able to redeem half the number of SCENE points for Cineplex movies, members will also have access to several other offers through SCENE’s roster of more than ten food and entertainment partners.
Seagrim concludes, “SCENE is focused on encouraging Canadians to take the time to spend with their friends and family. When we can help make that more rewarding or more affordable, we deliver real value to our members. For SCENE, that is both important and meaningful. We are thrilled when our members tell us that SCENE is one of Canada’s best loyalty programs. We believe that emotional loyalty only comes when we help our members live richer lives.”

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