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ScanLife Study Shows Engagement Success from QR Codes

In an analysis of more than 200 QR codes with thousands of scans that were generated from the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform found that 62 percent of the scans converted to further engagement (clicks or otherwise), with 95 percent of the codes driving at least some action.

Mike Wehrs, Scanbuy CEO and president told Loyalty 360 that the study also revealed the mobile platform is enjoying an expanded demographic base. In previous surveys, the highest percentage of mobile users was in the 35-45 age group, now the range has expanded to 15-50. Additionally while men tend to be the heaviest mobile users (65 percent), this difference tends to flatten out during the holiday season.

Additionally, the study showed the quick growth in the popularity of scanning QR codes. The ScanLife system is now processing about 5.5 million to 6 million scans a month, compared to 1.5 million to 3 million a month a year ago, according to Wehrs.

He added that the study confirmed the importance of deploying a managed platform from a service provider. Consumers use downloaded scanning apps (ScanLife can also work with a feature phone), to a much greater degree than similar apps preloaded on their devices, Wehrs said. “This new data shows that QR Codes are actually reaching a marketer's most important target because it allows them to convert interested consumers into customers,” Wehrs said. “Effective QR Code campaigns give brands and marketers instant access to the most valuable type of customers:  those who are ready to buy.”

Wehrs added that ScanLife technology increases conversions by providing a convenient way for consumers to immediately connect with a brand on Facebook or Twitter in a variety of ways.  The code can automatically initiate a phone call to a sales agent, trigger an email message to request more information about the advertised product, or launch a Web site where consumers can browse and buy.

“More companies are shifting from a simple referral to a Web site [via a QR code] to a richer content experience,” Wehrs said. “There’s also been a shift to more complex responses. There’s also more demand for a mobile landing page. Each of these offer a rich experience.”

Some companies are integrating QR code scanning with their marketing programs, Wehrs said.

For example, Taco Bell had success with a program that had QR codes on certain products. By scanning the QR code, the user could access specific MTV videos. The more purchases the customer made of the specific products, the more QR scans he or she could make and more MTV video he or she could access.

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