Marketing Solutions hybrisReza Soudagar, SAP Customer Engagement Evangelist, is excited about the company’s SAP hybris Marketing Solution because it enables real-time contextual marketing that leads to more effective customer engagement.

The hybris Marketing suite engages customers, delights them, and cultivates brand relationships by marketing to an audience of one. What’s more, it allows marketers to develop a deeper understanding of customers; to know what they have done, what they may do, and most importantly what they are doing now. As a result, companies can attain real-time insights into the context of each customer, and leverage those insights to deliver highly individualized customer experiences across channels.

SAP bills the hybris Marketing Solution as “the first real-time contextual marketing platform.”

Context, Soudagar said during a conference call on Tuesday, translates to the largest possible accumulation of data about interactions, applied with a new clarity so that everything a customer sees or does fits that user. It can unify customer data into one centralized hub, allowing for a single and holistic view of the customer.Marketing Solutions

“The effectiveness of it will rely on it how smart it is,” Soudagar explained. “And improving the accuracy of these predictions. That’s where we’re doubling down and we think we can add value. The idea here is instead of trying to build out automation around data, we wanted to offer an engine and data model that helps understand what customers have done in the past. And what is it they’re they’re trying to do.”

The SAP hybris Marketing Solution creates personalized content to customers across all touch points.

“The core offering is data science,” Soudagar said. “It can analyze customer data and run algorithms to come up with more reliable and accurate profile information for the customers. We’ve seen a lot of traction for this new product. We’re really excited about this and monitoring the growth of this as we go through the year.”

The hybris Marketing suite can help:

Gain real-time insights

Deliver unique customer experiences

Market with speed and agility

SAP realizes that to successfully engage with today’s customers, marketers need more than just historical data, but also real-time customer activity to accurately target and deliver relevant and engaging customer offers and promotions.

The hybris Marketing suite blends together both the implicit (such as page clicks and views) and the explicit (such as campaign responses and purchases) insights to determine the customer’s true intent at every engagement. 

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