Google adds another big name in SAP to its catalogue with the addition of a stream-powered collaboration tool.

Collaborate in the Cloud

SAP is a monstrously big name in the world of business intelligence and enterprise software. But even SAP recognizes that small-and-nimble is starting to eat away at the big-and-powerful Enterprise 2.0 market. So, Google Apps Marketplace now plays host to SAP’s recent launch, StreamWork, a collaboration tool available in a range of versions — including a free edition.

SAP StreamWork encourages users to pool their information from all available data sources and work together on tasks for the best outcome. It helps users apply control and structure to discussions — aiding the process with tools that include pro/con lists, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat analyses as well as opinion polls to help move your work processes forward.

Integration is the Game

By integrating data with Google Apps,  users can crunch the numbers and come up with creative or new opportunities by working together, wherever they are located. The SAP StreamWork environment will be joined with the tools you are already familiar with in the cloud. Users will be able to login to StreamWork from their Google account or move from StreamWork to Google with a click. Tighter and more direct integration should be up and running in 2011.

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