Salesforce and CVS Health Partner on COVID-19 Return to Work and Campus Solutions

Salesforce and CVS Health will let each company’s customers use the other’s COVID-19 return to work and campus solutions. Salesforce’s has workplace management technology such as wellness monitoring and manual contact tracing, which is informed by CVS Health’s Return Ready program, a COVID-19 testing solution that also supports comprehensive reopening strategies for customers and their stakeholders.
"While COVID-19 testing is an important tool to responsibly reopen worksite and campus locations, a comprehensive strategy requires wellness monitoring and contact tracing to help prevent an onsite outbreak and spread of the virus," says Troyen Brennan, M.D., M.P.H., chief medical officer of CVS Health. "While there are a lot of COVID-19 tools hitting the market, the capabilities use the latest science and technology, and we believe together, with our Return Ready testing solution and clinical protocols, we can help our customers activate a comprehensive plan to return and maintain critical populations onsite."
The two are offering these as complementary solutions through a data and workflow model that can be integrated into one place using the Workplace Command Center. The solutions provided by these services include:

  • Wellness Monitoring, a Salesforce tool that helps organizations check and assess their personnel’s health and wellness. When they are identified as eligible for testing, that employee will receive an email with more information on how and where to complete said testing.

  • COVID-19 Testing, CVS Health’s testing solution that lets organizations develop a customized testing strategy by allowing them to choose who, how and where to test people returning to the workplace and campus locations, then integrates online test scheduling and result notification capabilities for improved user experience.

  • Reporting, COVID-19 test results sponsored by an organization that will then be shared with that org. by CVS Health, with authorization from the patient or patient’s representatives, as well as alerts for positive results.

  • Contact Tracing, when someone has a positive test result, Salesforce’s manual contact tracing program can send notifications that may have been exposed and find possible points of transmission, like coworkers they may have come into contact with. Those exposed will be emailed with more information on where they can get tested.

  • Shift Management, which lets organizations watch facility preparedness as well as manage shift schedules to determine how to change or resume business operations safely.

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