- Partnership extends online payment solution to more than three million account holders -

Miami Beach, Fla., Jan. 5, 2011 - SafetyPay™, a secure payment facilitator and clearinghouse benefiting online shoppers, online merchants and banks worldwide, today announced a partnership with Brazil-based Banrisul, that will provide the bank’s three million customers with access to exclusive promotions and the ability to pay with their own currency when shopping with worldwide merchants online. According to Miami-Dade County’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Brazil was Miami’s top trade partner in 2009, with total trade reaching $11.07 billion.

“Our partnership with Banrisul will enable its customers to more securely conduct local and cross-border transactions,” said Manuel Montero, founder and chief executive officer of SafetyPay. “Many merchants in Latin America have fraud filters in place that prevent credit card payments. As a result, credit card penetration in Brazil is quite low. Our solution provides Banrisul’s customers with an alternate and secure payment method that improves their online shopping experience.”     

Banrisul’s partnership with SafetyPay supports the bank’s role as a competitive and innovative financial institution, offering customers the safest way to shop online—both locally and internationally.

To date, SafetyPay has partnered and integrated with 23 financial institutions worldwide (with a combined customer base of 90 million). In November, SafetyPay received an International Business Leadership Award from the Miami Chamber of Commerce for their innovative payment solution, which represents a new revenue stream for financial institutions as it enables them to promote exclusive offers to their customers.
About Banrisul
Banrisul operates throughout Brazil, offering a wide variety of financial products and services, including credit cards, insurance, private pension groups, consortia and managing resources of third parties.  Its lending operations cover individuals and corporations, as well as real estate finance and rural development, export and import operations and long-term credit contracts. For more information, please visit www.banrisul.com.br <http://www.banrisul.com.br/> .

About SafetyPay

SafetyPay™ <http://www.safetypay.com/>  is a safe and secure e-payment solution that enables online banking customers to make Internet purchases from merchants worldwide and pay directly through their bank account. Customers are never required to disclose any financial information to the merchants or to SafetyPay, and all payment transactions are done from within the bank’s online environment.

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