Sacra customer engagementInnovation drives Sacra Studios, which received a bronze medal for Best Omni-Channel/Multi-channel Experience during the Loyalty360 CX Awards held at the 4th Annual Engagement & Experience Expo this week.

Sacra Studios takes multi-channel and omni-channel solutions to the next level, working with a partner, TONE, to integrate and leverage personalized, inaudible, audio barcode technology with creative audio, video and graphic content. While imperceptible to the human ear, our smartphones and tablets can hear it.

The company incorporates unique, patent-pending, “audio barcoding” technology into production content. The utilization of this innovative technology, coupled with creative audio, video and graphic content, expands its customers’ ability to deliver messaging and entertainment and fully integrate and rationalize all marketing interactions, regardless of channel. The result? A significant increase in the ability to influence, analyze, and measure the behavior of its customers.

There are two groups of customers at Sacra Studios: Sacra’s immediate customers that include sports organizations, broadcasting companies, retailers, CPG manufacturers, and ad agencies; and customers of the organizations they serve. For both groups, the approach to customer service is the same – it is one of assured knowledge, trusted insight and confidence that Sacra will create timely, personalized, and uniquely relevant interactions that generate a highly memorable experience for its customers.

Sacra’s omni-channel strategy is to tone-enable every channel, from TV, radio, websites, and social media to a venue, PA systems, or any medium capable of transmitting sound. Customers are provided with unique and enriched experiences regardless of when, where, or how they interact with the organization. The resulting action is consistent, relevant, and meaningful to that specific individual.

“The strategy is executed with 100% consistency because the channels are fully integrated - even the mediums that have been traditionally not able to specifically attribute concrete behavioral results including TV and radio,” said Tom Webster, president and CEO of TONE.

Combining a tone-enabled mobile app and the encoded content, partners are working with Sacra customers to embed these tones into all marketing channels. With all channels enabled, customer interaction across any of the channels and touch points are logged are analyzed, combined with key operational data and uniquely personalized to enable the companies to create a consistent and very relevant dialog with consumers at the point of influence and purchase.

Sacra’s end result is a tone-enabled solution that integrates everything. When combined with key operational and service data, a very clear and precise view of the interaction crystalizes.

“For years, organizations have been attempting to ‘tie-together’ all channels. It’s been virtually impossible until the mobile-era - especially where broadcast anything is concerned,” said Webster. “The mobile device became a key enabler of the integration, but the issue with mobile-based solutions up to this point, is they still operated and created their own silo of information and interaction.”

Sacra’s tone-enabling approach brings these technologies, as well as the broadcast mediums, into one rationalized view of the customer, one synchronized conversation with that individual - and one valuable and lasting connection.

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