New Facebook® Integration Gives Users     Instant Ability to Share and Discover Movies With Friends

SAN FRANCISCO—Millions of moviegoers will join the cast of Rotten     Tomatoes beginning today when Flixster Inc.’s popular movie website     partners with Facebook to add a full array of social features.

In the biggest change to Rotten Tomatoes since it debuted in 1998, users     who are currently logged into Facebook will instantly be able to see     ratings and reviews from their friends, share what they want to see, and     get personalized recommendations – without having to register, log in or     link accounts.

“Our new social features are ‘word-of-mouth’ on steroids,” said Joe     Greenstein, CEO and co-founder of Flixster Inc., Rotten Tomatoes’ parent     company.

Just as the Facebook News Feed is instantly customized for each user,      Rotten Tomatoes will provide a unique and tailored experience to users     who are logged into Facebook. Through Facebook, users will also have the     freedom to control how and which information is shared.

They’ll get a “big picture” of how movies are scoring with both critics and audiences on every Rotten Tomatoes movie page, which will feature an     “Audience Score” – the aggregation of all ratings and reviews     contributed by Flixster users – right next to the Tomatometer®.

“People have always found movies through recommendations from friends,”      said Carl Sjogreen, who leads Facebook Platform products. “With Rotten     Tomatoes, we’re bringing this experience online and giving people the     best of both worlds – friends and critics.”

Because Rotten Tomatoes is part of Flixster, all ratings and reviews     from moviegoers will be seamlessly shared across Flixster’s other     properties – including and the leading movie apps for the     iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices.

“Our users tell us that critics’ reviews are important – but they’re     just one tool they use when considering a movie,” Greenstein said.      “Flixster users have contributed more than 2.5 billion movie ratings     across all of our applications, and through our partnership with     Facebook we’ll help users sift through all of those ratings and     instantly find the ones from people who matter the most to them.”

Together, more than 3 million people use Flixster’s mobile apps every     weekend – and more than 30 million people each month visit Flixster and     Rotten Tomatoes online and on their mobile devices.

The newly enhanced Rotten Tomatoes website can be found at

About Flixster Inc.

Based in San Francisco, Flixster Inc. operates the world’s most popular     movie communities, including and, as     well as leading apps on Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, iPhone, BlackBerry     and Android-powered devices. Flixster provides the most comprehensive     movie information online – including a database of more than 250,000     movies; 2.3 billion user reviews; 500,000 critic reviews; and more than     20,000 trailers and videos. A privately held company, Flixster also has     offices in New York and representatives in Los Angeles and Seattle.

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