Rite Aid Focuses on Wellness+ Plenti Loyalty Program

Rite Aid WellnessRite Aid officials are excited about how its wellness+ loyalty program members have received the new wellness+ Plenti loyalty program. Plenti is a new coalition loyalty program that will let consumers quickly collect points and redeem rewards by engaging with several major brands.

As the first loyalty program of its kind, Plenti will offer consumers an unparalleled level of flexibility. Its development is set to mark a dramatic shift in how U.S. loyalty programs are structured, and Rite Aid stands among American Express, Macy’s, AT&T, ExxonMobil, Nationwide, Hulu, and Direct Energy as a one of the founding partners.

“In the second quarter, we continue to focus on educating our customers about the unique value offered by wellness+ with Plenti, which is part of the first coalition loyalty program in United States,” Ken Martindale, President and CEO of Rite Aid Stores, said during the company’s second-quarter earnings conference call on Sept. 17, according to Seeking Alpha. “Through this groundbreaking loyalty offering, customers continue to enjoy the tremendous benefits of wellness+ while also having the ability to earn Plenti points and redeem them for savings at Rite Aid as well as other Plenti partners. We continue to experience strong membership growth. Through the end of the quarter, we enrolled 17.6 million customers and our Plenti partners have enrolled millions more throughout the coalition.”

What’s more, Martindale said more than half of all store transactions at Rite Aid now involve the wellness+ with Plenti card.

“We’ve also been highly successful in converting our gold and silver wellness+ members to the enhanced program,” Martindale added. “More than 86% of gold members and 74% of silver members are now enrolled. Overall, we’re pleased with the initial results of wellness+ with Plenti and look forward to building upon the great work that our Rite Aid team has done to successfully launch the program.”

Second-quarter revenue increased 17.5%, to 7.7 billion, compared to 6.5 billion for the same period last year.

“Our wellness store initiative continues to drive growth and deliver a unique and engaging customer experience,” Martindale said. “During the quarter we completed 119 wellness remodels, three relocations and two net new stores. We now have a grand total of 1,859 wellness stores which represents 41% of our entire chain. In addition, wellness stores continue to outperform non-wellness stores in terms of same-store front-end sales and prescription count.”Rite Aid and Plenti

Rite Aid Chairman/CEO John Standley is very confident that Plenti will continue to gain traction.

 “Initially, it’s more just getting people used to the concept of a coalition loyalty program because in the United States people really aren’t used to earning points in multiple places and being able to redeem them, so there is that education,” he said. “And we are seeing some new customers come in that signed up at our partner locations and we think that, over time, we’ll be able to convert those folks and that there will be some education. But right now, it’s really just getting people used to how to shop with a coalition loyalty program.”

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