ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 3, 2010—Sundrop Mobile is pleased to announce the launch of Reward Card Wallet which allows consumers to store all their plastic loyalty cards on their Apple iPhone or Android mobile device while delivering true, location-based marketing alerts – push not pull - for local businesses.

Consumers download Reward Card Wallet as part of their loyalty program registration process; their existing loyalty program membership automatically appears in the application. Any other loyalty card –  grocery, convenience, motor club, etc. – can be easily added to the app with built-in barcode scanner technology. On their next store visit,  consumers show their phone screen where the cashier scans the on-screen barcode representation of their plastic loyalty card. Consumers are no longer faced with the question of whether or not to add just one more loyalty card to their key chains or wallet – they can all be quickly stored right in their smart phone.

Reward Card Wallet is location-aware and allows the consumer to check for local deals near their location, which feature deals from Sundrop’s loyalty merchants as well as Groupon™, Living Social™, and other services.  Reward Card Wallet maintains location-awareness in the background using a battery-saving algorithm, and when a user travels within range of a Sundrop merchant-published deal, Reward Card Wallet alerts the consumer by push technology or SMS text message, causing the alert to attract the consumer’s attention to the deal. Sundrop’s loyalty merchants can also initiate outbound SMS broadcasts at any time based on their customers’  current locations.

Sundrop Mobile President and CEO, Travis Priest says, “This type of proactive, location-based deal alert is often referred to as the ‘holy grail’ of mobile marketing, and Reward Card Wallet is the first application to deliver on that promise by providing consumers with intelligent, relevant, money-saving notifications. Reward Card Wallet considers consumers’ communication preferences, current loyalty memberships, previous claim activity, time of day, and proximity to the offer before deciding to send an alerting notification. This discrimination makes Reward Card Wallet a valuable service to both the merchant and consumer alike.”

Reward Card Wallet is available to consumers everywhere, and local businesses running Sundrop’s loyalTXT card-less mobile loyalty solution can publish offers in their system dashboard that automatically appear to in-range consumers. The app is available today in the Android Market and will be available after approval in the Apple iTunes store.

About Sundrop

Sundrop Mobile is a mobile marketing and loyalty solutions provider. Sundrop operates an automated, “card-less” mobile loyalty program, loyalTXT™, that uses a customer’s mobile number as their “loyalty card,” text messaging with email for data collection and communication, and seamlessly integrates social media and location-based services.  Sundrop introduces businesses to their customers by providing the infrastructure and expertise that empowers merchants to reach their customers via mobile, email, social media, and location-based marketing—anytime. Sundrop helps businesses become mobile, social, and local. www.sundropmobile.com

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