Remy Martin Customer ExperienceAs new technologies become increasingly available, some brands are finding new and high tech ways to offer unique customer experiences. Such technologies are building innovative connections between brands and customers, and some are even offering customer experiences that simply weren’t possible just a few years ago.

Rémy Martin, a centuries old producer of exquisitely renowned Champagne Cognac, is one such brand. It has just announced plans to launch itself into the 21st century with an advanced bottle technology that promises to offer a secure, authentic, and integrated customer experience.

Through a new partnership with Selinko, a technology company that offers an array of direct marketing and financial tracking services, Rémy Martin is bringing Security NFC technology to customers all across China. It is called the RÉMY MARTIN CLUB CONNECTED BOTTLE and it incorporates an advanced authentication device directly into the bottle to guarantee that it has never been opened, and that the product is pure.

This encrypted security feature is similar to those used in bankcards, passports, and during secure financial transactions.Continued customer experience

The new customer engagement program is administered in conjunction with the Rémy Martin mobile smartphone app. It works by both alerting a customer if any particular bottle has been previously opened, and it also connects the brand to the customer experience long after the initial purchase.

“Not only does the REMY MARTIN CLUB CONNECTED BOTTLE guarantee the authenticity of the product, but it also allows us to communicate directly with our consumers who enjoy our products which is a very exciting innovation,” said Augustin Depardon, Rémy Martin Executive Director. “Rewards, events, special offers: our communication can now be completely aligned with our clients’ preferences for optimal relevancy.”

Customers can view the status of their bottle by simply tapping the top. The smartphone app will then show whether the bottle has been previously opened or not. This same smartphone app also serves as the vessel by which customers will be able to earn points and further Rémy Martin rewards.

“As the world is becoming more connected, our consumers are expecting their favorite brands to provide enhanced experiences beyond solely delivering the finest spirits,” Depardon said. “They want to have a direct connection with these brands and a direct engagement. The RÉMY MARTIN CLUB CONNECTED BOTTLE addresses a consumer need, and Rémy Martin is proud to be the first brand to bring it to market in our industry.”

The RÉMY MARTIN CLUB CONNECTED BOTTLE will first become available in nightclubs across China before becoming widely available in shops elsewhere.

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