Relevancy the Focus for The Finish Line’s Enhanced Customer Loyalty App

At The Finish Line, officials are constantly trying to meet their customers where they are and that place is increasingly digital.

To show how much The Finish Line officials want to become even more relevant to their customers, they recently launched the next generation Winner’s Circle customer loyalty app, which is available via free download for iOS and Android customers.

With a sharp focus on personalization and commerce, the easy-to-use app includes a curated “inspiration” feed, tailored product recommendations, access to upcoming product releases, and seamless in-app shopping and checkout. Winner’s Circle customers can easily access status updates, rewards and exclusive “Finish Line Live” streaming video events.

Danielle Quatrochi, senior vice president of digital customer experience and innovation at The Finish Line, talked to Loyalty360 about the enhancements to the loyalty app.

“Customers now expect a tailored experience so it’s critical that companies curate stories, product, and services that matter to them,” she explained. “The new Finish Line app provides relevant information based on the preferences a customer selects as they sign up–gender, brand preference, shoe size, etc. Based on those preferences, we present content and products that are more specific to the customer’s interests. As we continue to evolve the app, we will present more relevant features and perks to our most loyal customers. We know that the more relevant we are with our customers, the more often they return.”

The Finish Line’s Winner’s Circle loyalty program currently boasts more than 10 million members nationwide. The app upgrade will occur automatically for customers with the existing app. Users can sign-in with their Winner’s Circle account or join the loyalty program from within the app. First-time users will be prompted to select personal preferences and can modify those selections at any time within the app account settings. A new shop feature also allows customers to browse Finish Line’s full product assortment and make purchases directly through the application.

“Loyalty is no longer a one size fits all program,” Quatrochi added. “Customers expect and want different things. Finish Line’s goal is to provide relevant content, offers, and services that matter for each customer and within the shopping channel that’s most meaningful to them. After our initial app launched, we learned that customers want a simple way to manage their loyalty progress with Finish Line. We also learned that they want access to exclusive benefits and interactions. App 2.0 gives them all those benefits in a simple user experience, providing easy and quick adoption for them which we are already seeing.”

Mobile customer engagement is a major piece of the customer loyalty puzzle at The Finish Line.

“Based on our customer segment, we experience a higher rate of mobile usage compared to the general e-commerce industry,” Quatrochi explained. “In response to that, we know that mobile must be a primary focus in the experiences we create. What has been even more exciting than the quick adoption of that app is the confidence in our customer’s ability to transact within it, validating our continued need to prioritize mobile first.” 

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