Relaunch of AMC Theatres Loyalty Program Showcases Best Parts of Customer Experience

Relaunching its AMC Stubs loyalty program was a key strategic move by AMC Theatres last summer.

In July, AMC launched AMC Stubs Insider, a free tier to the program that rewards AMC guests for coming to the movies. Insider benefits include a free refill on large popcorn, up to $2 off tickets every Tuesday, a free large popcorn birthday gift and 20 points earned for every dollar spent.

The program’s top tier, AMC Stubs Premiere, also received a refresh that included the addition of new guest benefits. For a $15 annual membership fee, Premiere members enjoy express service with specially marked shorter lines at the box office and concession stand, free size upgrades on popcorn and soda, a free refill on large popcorn, up to $5 off movie tickets on Tuesdays, a birthday gift (free large popcorn and soda), no online ticket fees and 100 reward points for every $1 spent.

Every AMC Stubs member earns $5 to spend for 5,000 points earned and receives access to exclusive offers, screenings, and more.

Julius Lai, vice president, guest engagement, AMC Theatres, told Loyalty360 that AMC has always delivered a premium movie-going experience with its recliner seating, premium sight and sound formats, and high-quality food and beverage offerings, including Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, MacGuffins bars, and AMC Dine-In theaters.

“The relaunch was an opportunity to ensure that the AMC Stubs program showcases the best parts of AMC and enhances the member experience end-to-end, from ticket purchase through show time and beyond,” Lai explained. “And guests have clearly responded that they love the AMC Stubs program benefits and the free-to-join Insider tier.”

AMC officials believe that changes to the loyalty program could double the activity base of AMC Stubs within three years to about 40%—which is closer to airlines and hotels where more than half of customers belong to loyalty programs.

That’s not all.

AMC Theatres plans to revamp its app and website, which can add further differentiation for the company. The chain is testing a mobile service that will enable moviegoers at some venues to order food and beverages to be delivered to their seats at a time they specify.

“Enrollment only takes seconds using your email address and benefits can be immediate, such as a free refill on large popcorn, member-only discounts at the box office on Tuesdays, or waived convenience fees for online ticket purchases,” Lai added. “There’s something for everyone, no matter how or when you’re engaging with AMC, and we’re continuing to work to make the program better and easier for all our members.”

AMC Stubs members have always been the company’s best customers, seeing more movies, more frequently picking premium formats like IMAX at AMC, Dolby Cinema at AMC, and RealD 3D, and buying more food and drink than the average movie-goer.

“Our guests love AMC, and AMC Stubs members love AMC even more,” Lai said. “We’re seeing that trend continue to grow.”

For AMC Theatres, 2016 was a thrilling and captivating year−not only for its loyal customers, but for its internal executive team as well.

AMC Theatres eclipsed five million members in, adding more than 2.5 million members primarily due to the program’s national re-launch in the summer of 2016. AMC Theatres passed four million members on Sept. 20, 2016, and reached five million three months later.

The five million-plus AMC Stubs members represent a company milestone and membership more than doubled in 2016.

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