Red Robin TabletsRestaurants across America are faced with the challenge of streamlining the customer experience, and casual dining giant Red Robin Gourmet Burgers is hoping to meet this challenge and build brand loyalty by rolling out new tabletop tablets to all corporate stores.

Through a partnership with Ziosk, the restaurant chain is placing 7-inch tablets at every table. With the tablet, guests will be able to instantly access table services without the need to wait for their server or leave their seat. Red Robin will also soon be focused on rolling out tablets to remaining franchise restaurants.

Red Robin isn’t the first restaurant to feature these amazing table accessories: Ziosk tablets serve more than 30 million guests each month in more than 2,500 restaurants across all 50 states, and the casual dining burger chain is the latest to join in the growing phenomenon. By allowing customers to order refills, enroll in the Red Robin loyalty program, and pay directly on the tablet, the brand hopes to make dining in at Red Robin as easy and seamless as possible. These tablet functions have been specifically selected, as they eliminate several customer pain points during the process of dining in. Specifically, customers will no longer have to wait on the server to bring the check, instead paying the moment they’re ready to leave.Red Robin Loyalty Program

More than just a way to make dining in easier, the tablets also provide an interactive touchpoint with which the Red Robin brand can build customer loyalty. The interactive games included on every tablet are sure to be a hit with families who are looking for a family dinner destination, and the ability to redeem loyalty points right at the table will make the Red Robin loyalty program easier to use than ever before. 

Besides simplifying the dine-in experience, the tablet also asks guests to provide real-time feedback. This kind of instant customer insight is exactly what brands are looking for when analyzing how to personalize their customer experience.

The tablet technology has rolled out to all U.S. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers corporate locations, and some franchise stores have gotten a big head start through an individual partnership with Ziosk; the tabletop tablet company has been working directly with some Red Robin franchisees for as long as two years. These stores have seen an improvement in customer experience, and the tablets are expected to roll out nationwide later this year. Using this new technology, Red Robin is looking to improve the experience of in-store diners and give guests everything they need right at their fingertips.

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