This holiday season, consumers will be looking for quality gifts at affordable prices. Email marketing is a great way to engage with holiday shoppers by showcasing your brand, driving traffic to your website, increasing your opt-in database, and enticing them to purchase products at seasonal discounts. Destination Interactive’s Holiday Online Shoppers Database puts marketers in touch with over 3 million consumers who are active holiday online buyers of apparel, electronics, jewelry, toys, and much more! These active holiday online buyers know retailers offer the best discounts during the holidays, and can’t wait to go online and buy the perfect gift for their family and friends at a great price. Holiday online buyers start shopping early for the holidays starting with Labor Day specials and continue purchasing right through the holiday season. From holiday costumes for Halloween to Thanksgiving home decor products to Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, these online buyers are surfing the Internet and browsing social media sites for the best deals retailers have to offer.

To help marketers ramp up their holiday marketing efforts, Destination Interactive is offering a Holiday Email Marketing Savings package. We will work with marketers to determine their ideal target audience, design an HTML creative that is also optimized to render correctly on mobile devices, and deploy the
creative to 100,000 opt-in email records three times (three different dates as selected by marketer) all for a special rate of $8,500. Consumers are looking for value; our Holiday Email Marketing Savings package allows marketers to connect with their target audience and share their marketing message regarding the cost savings they offer through holiday gift guides, coupons, etc. A successful holiday email campaign is one that entices consumers to purchase their products as the essential gifts for the Holidays. Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with these active online buyers! Planning a holiday email marketing campaigns early allows marketers to engage and sell to early shoppers and build a deep relationship with consumers who will buy later.


Destination Interactive helps businesses create engaging customer experiences using email marketing, mobile marketing, & business blogging to drive social media acquisition.

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