Quiznos, Lobster and Customer Loyalty Converge in February

Lobster and Quiznos? Who knew?
February will be lobster month at Quiznos and, tethered to that theme will be customer loyalty.
For two weeks starting on Feb. 14, all new or current members of Quiznos’ Toasty Points loyalty app program will receive one free, eight-inch Lobster and Seafood Scampi Bake or Lobster and Seafood Classic sub with any purchase at all participating U.S. locations. The company’s lobster subs are part of its lobster and seafood lineup that is only available through the end of March.
“Quiznos’ brand is built around delivering hot, toasted and bold flavors in a variety of unique, chef-created sandwiches,” Chris Ruszkowski, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Quiznos, told Loyalty360. “Limited-time premium offers like Quiznos’ lobster and seafood lineup continue to be popular among Quiznos customers who tell the brand that quality ingredients and bold flavors are what keep them coming back. Quiznos also knows that its customers also keep an eye out for value. Quiznos often rewards frequent guests with incentives through its Toasty Points mobile loyalty app, driving repeat traffic. With more than a half-million check-ins on the app, guests can earn and redeem points for free Quiznos menu items and get notifications on various promotions including the upcoming Free Lobster Sub in February promotion.”
Customer engagement and customer experience are both extremely important with Quiznos’ Free Lobster Sub offer and, as a result of this campaign, “we hope to increase membership in our Toasty Points mobile loyalty app, drive in-store traffic, and build awareness of our unique LTOs and ongoing lineup of premium, toasted subs,” Ruszkowski said.
What is the loyalty significance of lobster?
“Lobster is a premium protein and premium seafood and, therefore, often considered a luxury menu item,” Ruszkowski explained. “Quiznos’ lobster and seafood comes from King & Prince Seafood, a leader in sourcing sustainable seafood from the North Atlantic Ocean. Focus group testing among Quiznos’ loyal customers is what led us to launch the Lobster Scampi last year. However, Quiznos’ customers also appreciate value. Based on this, Quiznos is excited to offer its loyal customers a free lobster sub in February through its Toasty Points app.”   
Given the fact that about 63 percent of smartphone users are placing takeout or delivery orders using their phones (according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2016 State of the Industry report), Quiznos was looking for a way to drive repeat sales, build brand loyalty through value, and give franchisees an easy way to engage regularly and individually with loyal customers.
“With that in mind, we implemented a new POS system in 2016, which, among other improvements, enabled the brand to launch a smart, app-based loyalty program called Quiznos’ Toasty Points,” Ruszkowski said. “Toasty Points allows guests to easily and securely order and pay via mobile at its more than 500 locations in North America and enables the brand team to collect feedback from guests on everything from menu preferences to service improvements and technology tweaks.”
Customization and customer feedback were both extremely important to Quiznos in building the app to tailor franchisee’s marketing messages, Ruszkowski noted.
“In fact, the company received more than 30,000 guest feedback responses to the app, several of which it used to tweak specific features,” he explained. “The app also allows Quiznos to gather valuable information about its customers’ menu preferences and ordering habits to tailor promotional messages. As a result, franchisees are seeing individual guest tickets and frequency increase.”
Quiznos’ Toasty Points mobile loyalty app currently has nearly one million check-ins and Quiznos has processed more than 71,000 mobile and online orders, Ruszkowski said.
Millennials, core customers of Quiznos, are smartphone users and are placing takeout or delivery orders using their mobile phones, according to Ruszkowski said.
“And millennials enjoy seafood and are eating seafood at least once a week with lobster being among the most popular,” he explained. “This is one of the reasons why we decided to focus this campaign within our Toasty Points Loyalty app. Quiznos is always looking for new ways to engage with its most loyal fans and has plans to implement several new ideas this year. Through a combination of social media and the interactive features of the Toasty Points app, Quiznos has extended its in-person opportunity to connect with loyal customers virtually as well. Quiznos is always listening to what our fans have to say on social media and via the app and engaging in conversations whenever possible to learn more and—when possible—adapt accordingly.”
Quiznos is always looking to expand its fan base.
“That’s why we are always innovating on the product side, while seeking unique offers for loyalty members, while always rewarding new app users with a free four-inch sub simply for signing up,” Ruszkowski added.

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