Charlotte, NC (September 8, 2011) – QuintLoyalty, a full-service loyalty and incentive firm announced today the launch of its new website and its new online loyalty rewards platform, LEAP.

LEAP, Loyalty, Engagement, Alignment and Performance, was designed to engage Employees, Customers and Sales Channel Partners through a customized website and other communication tools and provide clients with a loyalty and incentive program solution to replace the “old school” warehouse catalogue programs.

These “old school” catalogue programs provide a limited range of rewards that are, in many cases, specifically selected by incentive companies to increase unused points (i.e. “breakage”). The prices of these products are significantly inflated to ensure that lower level performers cannot accumulate enough points to redeem, improving the incentive companies’ margins.

The LEAP platform allows every participant the freedom to choose relevant rewards, at retailers’ online prices, with no additional mark up from QuintLoyalty by providing access to redeem directly with over 500 name-brand retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Travelocity, etc. and the ability to take advantage of retailers’ sales and promotions. This model is typically 50 – 75% less than the “old-school” catalogue programs’ grossly inflated prices and by connecting the participant directly to the retailers, LEAP makes out-of-stock items, especially around the holidays, a thing of the past.

The LEAP platform has a greater rewards selection, with direct access to over 500 retailers, at significantly lower “points” values which makes the program more motivational to the target audience and removes the Bridge2 Solutions and incentive company mark ups.  All of our clients that converted their antiquated warehouse catalogue programs to LEAP are enjoying a 25% – 50% savings while providing greater rewards to their employees, customers and channel partners.  LEAP is simply the best value in the incentive market.

QuintLoyalty consults with companies to show them how to align their business goals and objectives with the self interests of the program’s target audiences. LEAP comes standard with a fantastic suite of communication capabilities including: a customized branded website (which can be seamlessly linked directly to the company’s corporate site), email, e-cards, quizzes, surveys and training and promotional announcements. QuintLoyalty’s exceptional marketing department provides creative design services to ensure the branding meets client’s needs.

QuintLoyalty clients can set up new programs, promotions and targeted communications within hours, not weeks or months. Clients use LEAP’s reporting functionality to track participants’ behaviors and measure in real time, the Return on Investment of their program.
QuintLoyalty will also license the LEAP technology to other promotional and incentive companies that would like to enter the points-based loyalty market. LEAP is a great solution for those companies that were recently dropped by Amazon’s departure form the incentive business.
The QuintLoyalty management team is led by CEO Brian Learst, who brings an extensive background in the incentive and travel industries to the management team and as a principal in QuintLoyalty. From his roles as SVP with MMS Incentives and SVP and CFO at BCD Travel (f/k/a WorldTravel Partners), Brian provides a strong set of skills in the development of loyalty and incentive programs. Brian was the partner in charge of WorldTravel Meetings and Incentives, a $100+ million incentive company.
“We have developed a platform that allows companies across a broad spectrum of industries to reward behaviors that are important to their business success,” said Learst. “Our clients benefit by having the ability to use our technology, get their programs up and running in weeks rather than months, while having direct access to over 500 leading retailers as part of the incentive program. We also take a much different approach to pricing,“ explains Learst, “we do not charge our clients if the program is not delivering the desired behaviors. This is a radical change from the traditional fixed administrative hosting and reporting fees that are typically charged regardless of the success of the program.”

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