I recently came across a great example of how QR codes could be used to increase customer loyalty in almost any type of business—by collecting customer feedback right at the point of sale.

This example is taking place in 40 different Canada Post locations throughout the Canada.  Although Canada Post was already gleaning customer feedback from its website, through a partnership with OpinionLab (a leader in voice-of-customer technologies), they realized that they could make it even more convenient for customers to share feedback,  opinions, and experiences, right in the retail locations.

The 40 Canada Post locations are introducing a new mobile-feedback tool from OpinionLab, so that customers can easily give feedback right on the spot, using their Smartphone.  The process is quite simple.  QR codes are added to three different point-of-sale materials.  A large 5-foot sign directly in the waiting line area, and another acrylic sign on the wall, make it possible for customers to scan the QR codes as they wait in line.  A tear-away pad sitting on the countertop, assures that it will still be easy for customers to give feedback as they leave or after they are gone.  They simply tear a sheet off the pad to scan at their convenience.

Once a customer scans the QR code with their Smartphone or mobile device, they are directed to a mobile-optimized comment card which they can fill out and submit from their phone.  The mobile platform features a geolocator list from which customers select their GeoPost location, as well as a ratings tool, and a tool to collect open-text comments.   OpinionLab sends the information collected from these comment cards to the appropriate Canada Post location, offering management real-time insight into customer experiences and trends, and the opportunity to quickly respond to concerns or problems.

“Canada Post is always looking for new and creative ways to interact with our customers—to improve their overall experience and ultimately drive customer loyalty,” says Mary Traversy, SVP of Mail at Canada Post.  She sees the QR code campaign as another step in the right direction, making it even more simple and quick for customers to interact with the business, and making it easier for Canada Post to listen to and respond to those comments.

Using QR codes right at the point of sale to collect customer feedback is an idea that could work in just about any type of business—  retail stores, government agencies, restaurants etc.  Even a service industry where the point of sale takes place on the road or in a home,  such as the comment card that was left the other day for me by the AC serviceman, could feature a QR code allowing customer to easily convey immediate comments or concerns.

Read the full article here.

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