Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt recently unveiled a new mobile app that combines payment, a loyalty program, and offers redemption into a unified customer experience. The release expands upon Orange Leaf's initial app, which was called My Orange Leaf.

The mobile app enhances the Orange Leaf loyalty program−Ounce Back−and helps the merchant better engage with its highly connected, younger consumer base. Orange Leaf plans to roll out the app to its 300-plus locations throughout 2014. 

Michael Christy, Director of Information Technology at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, participated in a refreshing Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss the mobile app launch.

What factors led to the launch of the new mobile loyalty payment app and how do customers use it?

We feel mobile payment is a great way for our customers to improve their Orange Leaf experience and engagement. It will allow for improved Ounce Back redemptions and rewards along with the ability to pay for your froyo on their phone.

How long has the loyalty program been around and how will this impact membership, engagement, and overall experience?

Our Ounce Back Program has been available to our customers since 2011. The updated mobile app will allow customers to have better visibility to their Ounce Back profile and access to exciting in-store offers only available on the mobile app.

Did customer feedback play a role in this launch and, if so, in what way?

Our customers are tech-savvy and we want to make sure our store experience meets the demands of our customers. We see more and more customers wanting an improved app and ultimately a mobile wallet.

What makes this mobile app unique?

Our implementation of the mobile wallet includes a totally redesigned app focused on the customer’s myorangeleaf profile. The mobile wallet will allow for mobile payment from your phone through credit and/or gift cards and offers only redeemable through the app.

Is technology a key part of the company’s loyalty strategy?

Technology is a big part of the customer’s in-store experience and we want to make sure we can provide an environment that focuses on customer service. By updating our mobile app, we think it will increase our customers' engagement.

What new opportunities arise from the mobile app/mobile wallet?

Our new mobile app will allow for Orange Leaf Yogurt to focus on and reach our customers in a way that makes technical sense and is easily consumable for our fans. We plan to utilize our app for promotions, limited time offers, and exciting offers.

Does Orange Leaf Yogurt benchmark against any competitors or non-competitors?

Orange Leaf Yogurt always keeps a pulse on the QSR and frozen yogurt markets. It is a competitive business and it is very important to be able to adapt to our customers’ wants and needs. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to provide a better customer experience and improved engagement, not just for technology, but for the overall brand.

How do you define customer loyalty and has that definition changed in recent years?

Our loyal customers aren’t just customers−they’re brand evangelists. They are the ones who share, like and comment−and ultimately convert other people to customers. Our Ounce Back Program is a great way for our customers to become a member of the Orange Leaf Yogurt family. We take our memberships very seriously and understand they have chosen Orange Leaf for a reason. A 10% loyalty program is a great way to reward our customers, but with the deployment of the new app we plan to provide even more rewards to our most loyal fans.

What things/challenges keep you up at night?

As everyone knows, technology moves fast, but to keep up at a reasonable pace, we feel Orange Leaf Yogurt has been positioned well by partnering with FIS and Paydiant on a mobile wallet solution that is flexible enough to allow for changes in the mobile payment/wallet industry.

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