Known for its décor items, retailer Vintage Marquee Lights (VML) has used ShopSocially’s since March, but has already seen significant results.

ShopSocially’s social commerce platform has helped turn Vintage Marquee Lights’ website visitors into social brand ambassadors. Vintage Marquee Lights has gained quality Facebook fans and identified social influencers who are driving high quality referral traffic to their ecommerce store.

VML has encouraged website visitors to become Facebook fans through a Likegated incentive and 22.71% of website visitors who were shown this fan acquisition app are converting into real Facebook fans for VML. 

VML produces beautifully crafted statement marquee lights. ShopSocially is a SaaS social commerce platform. Jerrad Green, owner of VML; and Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially, participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360.

How has ShopSocially impacted VML’s success?

Increase in sales conversion rate: Onsite social commerce modules from ShopSocially incentivized users on website to like VML brand and share their social profile through Facebook connect. By getting users engaged through social capital investment in brand, VML could drive sales conversion for these users.

Drive Revenue Uplift: As users engaged with VML brand on Facebook, they created numerous social posts and generated quality social referral traffic back to the website. This reduced the customer acquisition cost and increased sales, driving a real revenue uplift for VML.

Create social influencers: Incentivized social profile sharing through Facebook connect helped VML gain deep insights into their customers' social persona. Through this, VML could identify social influencers for their brand. Most influential social shopper generated 83 referral clicks for VML via Facebook post alone. 

How do you define loyalty, what does it mean to your organization, and how has it changed over recent years or since you have been on the job?

Loyalty for us is a continuous association with our customers. In earlier years, loyalty in ecommerce business meant repeat purchase by our customers. For this, several techniques like loyalty points program and related discounts were used. However, in today’s ever-connected social world, loyalty is not limited to repeat purchase alone, but extends to our customers endorsing us on social media and recommending it to their friends. Turning website users into social brand ambassadors is of utmost importance for customer loyalty today.

What does Customer Experience/Customer Engagement mean to your organization, and how has it changed over recent years or since you have been on the job?

Customer Engagement is the key to success of VML. Customer engagement for us does not end at fulfilling orders with desired quality and punctuality, but understanding customers’ needs and preferences and ensuring they are happy with the brand. Only then will they recommend us to their friends.

Social media provides a channel for continuous customer engagement. Striking conversations with customers on social media and using it for improved customer service is no longer a business secret. Brands are now trying to adopt C2C strategies through which they can get their customers to converse about them with their friends. This word-of-mouth promotions result in deeper customer engagement for the brand, increases brand spread and recall and establishes customer loyalty.

What are the best opportunities for the next one to two years?

VML products are visual in nature. Our customers use it for decorating their surroundings. Getting our customers to click a picture of our products describing how it is enhancing the beauty of customer’s surroundings makes a superb visual testimonial. These visual user testimonials spread rapidly over social media and can have huge impact on business. In today’s world of visual web, such pictures work as excellent social proof and can be great source for social demand generation. This can decrease customer acquisition cost and increase user engagement on site. This is a very good opportunity in coming years.

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