PunchTab, the leading omni-channel loyalty and engagement platform, today announced that international companies and brands are turning to PunchTab's advanced loyalty technology to engage customers, drive purchase, motivate employees and improve B2B sales.

Brands, both in the US and globally, are increasingly searching for comprehensive omni-channel loyalty solutions, to further increase sales, encourage repeat business, and improve brand affinity. Currently, PunchTab is certified compliant with EU Safe Harbor standards, PCI compliant, and can be translated into 22 languages. The company now powers over 1,000 programs outside of the US, and continues to expand.

For example, MakeUseOf -- a British technology and internet apps blog and leading source for digital productivity tips -- is currently rewarding users for shares, comments, follows, and newsletter signups. A major financial institution in Ireland has also adopted PunchTab's loyalty platform to build a new fan base and ensure high customer engagement. Customers will earn rewards for behaviors such as social sharing, watching and sharing their videos and commercials, downloading their mobile app, checking in, and sharing content with friends.

With PunchTab's personalized approach to engaging customers, brands anywhere can track and reward user behaviors across social channels, email, web, mobile, e-commerce and POS platforms -- all in order to create better more relevant communications and offer Cobone.com makes customer loyalty the center of their marketing strategy

Using PunchTab, daily deals site Cobone.com has significantly improved their bottom line, experiencing 40% growth in repeat buyers since implementing the program.

Cobone.com is a Dubai-based, group-purchasing company specializing in selling virtual and actual coupons to customers, through their web sites and applications. To date, members of the loyalty program have shown to come back to the site six times more, and view eight times more pages on the site, than non-rewarded users.

"Over the last two and a half years, we have experienced considerable growth, but we recognized early on that customer loyalty would be key to the success of the business," said Byron Koller, Director of Marketing at Cobone.com. "Our objective for the partnership was simple, to bring the customer back to Cobone.com every day. By offering loyalty points to our users for interacting with the site, or promoting our offers through social media, customer retention has increased significantly."

Users who have joined the Cobone Rewards Loyalty program have proven more likely to promote or buy offers. Word-of-mouth remains a highly effective form of advertising and the PunchTab loyalty technology enables businesses to use digital word-of-mouth in order to get more from their existing customer base.

To date, PunchTab has awarded: 6,000+ redemptions and 226,535,500 Points earned through purchases with Cobone.com

Who: Cobone.com and PunchTab
What: Created a New Multi-Channel Loyalty Program
When: Mid 2012 - Present; On-going
Where: MENA region

Sentinel improves loyalty in B2B retailing with receipt scanning

Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd, a water treatments for hydronic heating systems company headquartered in the UK, recently created a loyalty program which includes receipt scanning and POS rewards, to spur sales and capture market share, as they launched two new products into a competitive market during the peak heating season.

With plumbing and heating installers as core customers, who buy products as a business-related purchase, Sentinel products are typically not sold in a traditional retail environment. In the past, this created issues for customary promotional campaigns, such as blanket price promotions, as customers don't pay a fixed price for products.

Competitor promotions continue to rely on postal and online entry, and fail to engage customers, because job-necessary buying means customers are less inclined to engage than when making a personal purchase. With PunchTab's loyalty platform and receipt scanning Sentinel created a way to reward customers for purchasing selected products.

"Long term engagement of customers is always difficult in a B2B environment, where price promotions often drive purchase decisions," Daniel Cheung, Marketing Manager "With PunchTab, our customers engage more with our brand, better understand our products and services, and ultimately make more frequent purchases."

Sentinel is at the forefront of using technology to engage customers in its market, as this type of promotional campaign, with receipt scanning and reward at point of purchase, is new to this retail segment in the UK. The company is creating shared value for itself and its merchant partners, Plumb Center and Parts Center. Initial results have showed record product sales, and high social activity from users.

Who: Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd and PunchTab
What: Created B2B Retail Loyalty Campaign with Receipt Scanning
When: Oct- Jan; On-going
Where: London, UK

NuServe and Ecocleen take a tech-savvy approach to employee engagement

In addition to marketing to customers, companies are also discovering the value of using loyalty technology to better engage employees.

NuServe Ltd, a professional cleaning services company, who provides contract cleaning to office, school, leisure & retail sectors across London & the South, has created a new Learning Management System for employees, in partnership with another office, commercial and industrial cleaning services, Ecocleen Services Ltd -- and PunchTab. Together the two cleaning companies developing a new employee portal with integrated engagement and reward features.

The two companies identified consistency of results as the top challenge facing their industry, and set out to create a program to help train and motivate employees that would help produce great results uniformly over time.

"Knowing behavior is a complex mix of motivations and inclinations, we found that to improve consistency, our two most useful levers related to the skill of our staff and their engagement and motivation," said Simon Duke, Managing Director of NuServe Limited, "It became clear to us that we had to find a better way to connect with, and train our employees; in total over 350 staff, across more than 120 locations, working at different times of day and night."

With a disparate workforce spread across the country, both NuServe and Ecocleen needed to improve employee participation in training programs, throughout their regions of operation, and to help reduce staff attrition rates.

The gamification aspect is a massive differentiator and gives the whole system a much more fun feel and adds a degree of competition," said Sean Taylor, Managing Director of EcoCleen Services, Ltd. "We have multiple employees across the UK and the online system means that we can provide everyone access to the system at a low cost. And in a very competitive market, we see the system as a tangible way of showing buyers how different we are from the competitors."

Who: NuServe, Ecocleen and PunchTab
What: Created a New Loyalty and Learning Management System Integration 
When: Late 2013 - Present; On-going
Where: London, UK

With advances in mobile and social technologies changing the way that brands are interacting with their customers, more and more companies are turning to digital loyalty technology to improve long-term retention and create brand loyalty. Today, effective loyalty programs are now data driven and use technology to better understand user behaviors, preferences and inclinations.

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