Pulse Provides Customers with Deep Sentiment Analysis

Customer SentimentClear Cell, London, is offering customers its Pulse sentiment analysis tool, which the company provides through the cloud.

“Pulse helps companies understand the sentiment related to their brands, products and services by analyzing the behavior of the community [of customers] across social media,” Rodney Livine, North America director of solutions, told Loyalty 360. “Pulse provides community in a configurable and easily actionable form, enabling [a company] to improve its customer and community engagement.”

The Pulse analysis offers granular sentiment scores by classification.

The analysis goes through the chatter on social media to find out who is talking about a company and what they are saying about the company and about its competitors. According to Livine, Pulse also identifies opportunities to influence the customer’s behavior, helping a company determine the best form of social communication with a community and customers, the content that generates the most interest from the community, the items that are the most effective at influencing the community and customers and identifying the key factors that aid acquisition and reduce churn.

Since the solution is available via the cloud, it is available to clients immediately, without the need for installation or customization, said Katrina Oakley, Clear Cell vice president of insights.

Pulse offers users a dashboard that covers various aspects of the business from a category (e.g., shopping experience) and an individual subject (e.g., finding help). The dashboard shows social media sentiment, with the larger number of posts indicating the largest area of commentary. Beyond the category and individual subjects, the user can drill down further to see more specific items (sub-classifications) of chatter and concern (e.g., long checkout lines).

The user can also filter to look at only sub-classifications above or below certain thresholds (e.g., an industry baseline) to quickly drill down to any areas of concern, according to Oakley.

The application can also be used to look at trends across categories, Oakley added. So if commentary around something like shopping experience starts trending higher or spikes up above normal in any given month, it can be an indication that there is a particular issue (e.g., inventory shortages, or shortage of a popular product), but it could also be the result of increased customer traffic interest due to expansion, or new marketing bringing in more people (the more customers, the higher the likely social media commentary).

Pulse also enables the user to drill down to see specific key words by classification, helping to identify specific issues. For example, lengthy checkouts might be due to equipment issues, lack of checkers (e.g., plenty of lines, but not enough human or automated checkouts) or something else the company may consider addressing. Some of these issues can be further investigated by drilling down into some of the individual social media comments.

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