Predictive Analytics Helps Maurices Understand Customer Segments, Increase Brand Loyalty

Women’s clothing retailers has its roots in Duluth, MN, which date back more than 80 years.

From Day 1, customers have been at the heart of maurices, according to an InMoment case study.

“And the culture is contagious,” the case study says.

The company boasts more than 9,000 committed employees and was recently included in Forbes’ America’s Best Employers 2016 list. Its staff understands that every customer has a unique style and different preferences for their shopping experiences. That’s why the retailer offers flattering fashion—for the workday and the weekend—from sizes one to 24.

“Our customer feedback program allows us to understand what matters most to our customers, so that we can speak across the breadth of their experience,” Kristin Anderson, AVP of consumer insights, maurices, said in the case study.

Long before it became commonplace in retail, the case study notes, maurices launched a homegrown Voice of Customer program.

“However, as the company grew and customer experience became even more essential in the retail sphere, maurices needed a more sophisticated customer listening program to provide insights to every level of the organization,” the case study says.

Anderson said that, recently, many retailers have found themselves having to focus on price and promotion as the primary lever for driving customer behaviors.

“If we’re going to have a truly engaging relationships with customers, there are so many more things to talk about!” Anderson said.

Maurice’s partnered with InMoment to understand what matters most to its customers. It uses these insights to drive informed actions that enhance customer experience and improve bottom line results. maurices integrates customer feedback with other types of customer data, including transactional and demographic, to discover and act on a range of insights.

By applying InMoment’s predictive analytics to customer data and feedback, maurices pinpointed the key attitudinal factors most critical in identifying repeat customers—and can do so with about 80 percent accuracy, the case study noted.

“Armed with this knowledge, maurices can share targeted offers with anticipated defectors— an invite to turn them into repeat customers,” the case study says. “Specifically, InMoment identified a common sales behavior that drives loyalty in most customer segments, but actually reduces satisfaction among a certain demographic.”

Maurices delves into segment-specific customer feedback to uncover these nuances, shape experience design, and create more targeted training for store managers and associates, the case study shows. In only nine months, maurices reported a five percent increase in repeat customers across all segments, including 14 percent in an outlier segment— representing approximately 8,000 new repeat customers.

“The insights tell us which elements of our customers’ experiences encourage or get in the way of a long-term relationship with our brand,” Anderson said in the case study. “With that information, we know exactly where and how to invest resources to both fix problems, and proactively create environments that build loyalty over time. “maurices has always placed the customer at the heart of what we do, and that makes this type of intelligence invaluable to our business.”

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