As the world’s fastest growing travel wholesale company, Tourico Holidays offers a traditional travel booking experience with a unique high-volume, wholesale business model. As such, the brand understandably worked to find ways to incorporate the crucial customer loyalty aspect of travel into its business.
Through a partnership with Points, the global leader in loyalty currency management, Tourico Holidays has added almost 100,000 hotels to the loyalty platform’s portfolio.
“A partnership between Points and Tourico made a ton of sense,” Jason Soss, President of Global Business Development for Tourico Holidays, told Loyalty360. “From our point of view, we’re able to add another global distribution client that will gain visibility and sell more rooms for our supplier partners. For Points, it’s able to integrate our massive hotel inventory into its program, providing its customers with more earning opportunities and higher-value redemptions.”
The partnership is another step forward for the Points Travel platform; one that allows customers to purchase specially priced hotel rooms either entirely with points or with a combination of points and cash. This flexibility is something that all loyalty programs strive for, and is often a cornerstone of successful ones.
“This expansion of our inventory partnership with Tourico Holidays is the latest example of Points’ ongoing investments in delivering loyalty program partners access to even more attractive hotel rates - leading to increased earning opportunities and higher-value redemptions for loyalty program members around the world,” said Rob MacLean, CEO Points.
Points has been a driving force in the prevalence of loyalty programs in travel, providing customers with a platform in which they’re able to exchange, trade, and redeem points and miles from some of the leading programs in the world.
With as many loyalty programs as the average traveler belongs to today, keeping track of multiple point balances and potential redemptions has become more a practice in organizational skills than a reward for brand loyalty. Points addresses this issue through a user-friendly experience for managing these programs within one unified loyalty wallet.

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