Podcast: Dave Etling of InComm InCentives on the Importance of Customer Loyalty

No matter whether its B2B or B2C, Dave Etling says that customer loyalty is imperative to the success of a brand.

Etling, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of InComm InCentives, says that brands now have unpreceded capabilities for both understanding their customers and delivering loyalty programs, but none of that guarantees a strong, lasting connection to customers.

“To remain competitive, brands are searching for new ways to refine and personalize the way they communicate promotional offers,” Etling says. “If loyalty and rewards programs seem ubiquitous, it’s because they are.”

InComm InCentives surveyed consumers regarding their attitudes towards customer loyalty programs, finding that 94% of respondents are currently enrolled in and use a loyalty program. With the Digital Revolution well in hand, standing out requires staying on top of current trends.

In this podcast, Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson talks with Etling about various topics related to customer loyalty.

InComm Incentives is an online ordering platform that makes it easy to buy gift cards in bulk. Their customers buy bulk gift cards for numerous reasons, including corporate rewards, sales incentives, gifting, promotions and sweepstakes, and customer appreciation.

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