When the PlayStation Rewards program launched as an incentives scheme for the Gamer Advisory Panel and PlayStation Plus users, the potential was noticed but no results were seen. Besides a list of vague announcements and a Consumer Electronics Show sweepstakes,  nothing was concrete about the program except for its promise of prize for loyalty. At long last, however, PlayStation Rewards members finally have something to pay attention to.

Finally, for those of us who have had no luck on arbitrarily increasing their level from Select to Legendary, Sony has come up with plans of actions for PlayStation Rewards members to participate in to advance in their rankings. Simply knows as “Quests”, the PlayStation.Blog outlines some tasks, such as visiting PlayStation Home and watching a video to even downloading content on the PlayStation Store, to advance the rankings as a PlayStation Rewards member. To kick things off, nine quests will be available for gamers to complete this week in what SCEA is calling a beta phase. Afterwards, more quests will be added to the pack at regular intervals.

The PlayStation Rewards loyalty program will be available for every US PlayStation Network user in April of 2011. Stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle for more news on anything and everything available in the world of PlayStation.

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