Pinterest Uses Ifeelgoods Platform to Instill Simple, Effective Customer Engagement

Pinterest Customer EngagementOfficials for Pinterest want to make their customer experience as simple as possible to heighten customer engagement. As a result, Pinterest will leverage the Ifeelgoods digital gifting platform that powers Pinterest’s customer support program for buyable pins.

Any Pinterest customer support agent can seamlessly send a thank-you gift to a customer directly through the Zendesk interface. Thanks to this integration, Pinterest will be able to provide superior customer service that matches the high standards of the beloved social network. 

Ifeelgoods, a leading rewards delivery platform, has integrated its gifting app with Pinterest’s customer service platform. The integration allows for Pinterest’s operations team to offer Pinners digital rewards directly through Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service platform. Through the integration, Pinterest’s Pinner Operations team can deliver instant rewards in the form of Virtual Visa Cards to Pinners who are inquiring about Buyable Pins within a ticket through just a few clicks within the Zendesk interface. The gift is securely delivered via the Ifeelgoods platform.

Loyalty360 caught up with Ryan Reid, Product Specialist, Pinterest to find out more about this exciting partnership.Pinterest Digital Message

Simplicity was one of the major themes at our Loyalty Expo in April in Orlando. How does Pinterest simplify its relationships with customers that, ultimately lead to brand loyalty?

With the launch of Buyable Pins, we intentionally made buying on Pinterest as simple as possible. Once your card is on file, you can buy anything with two taps. No hassle, no pain—just a seamless, simple shopping experience.

The same applies to our customer support. If we identify an issue with your order, we'll resolve it on the spot. No arguing, no back and forth—just quick resolution so the user can get on with their day. The Ifeelgoods platform is one of our key tools in making that happen.

Ultimately, it comes down to ease. If users can enjoy the product with minimal effort, they'll come back and use it again. And if they know we have their back if anything goes wrong, they won't hesitate to make another purchase.

Mobile technology is moving so fast these days. What has Pinterest done in this regard to impact the Customer Experience and what has the feedback been?

More than 80% of Pinners access Pinterest from a mobile device, so putting mobile first is a priority. We pour resources into making sure that the experience is the best it can be, and focus on launching products, like Buyable Pins, on mobile first. 

We apply that same philosophy to our non-core products, like our Help Center, our Analytics product and our support tools, knowing that users don’t differentiate these experiences. To them, it’s all one product, one Pinterest. So it’s vital that the experience is mobile-optimized across the board, in every facet of the product.

One of the reasons we chose the Ifeelgoods platform is that it integrated seamlessly with our existing tools, offering users rewards to users through a channel that they already use—email on their mobile devices. 

In the move toward customer-centricity, if you could give one piece of advice to a brand to help them increase loyalty and engagement with their customers, what would it be?

Empathize. If you’re building an email, imagine getting that email as a user with zero context. Does it feel genuine or contrived? Does it offer something personal or generic? Does it feel like it was written by a compassionate person or an emotionless robot?

No matter the intent, your message should be clear, honest, and genuine. It should strike a chord in the user that shows you care more about their loyalty than their wallet.

What is the key to successful customer engagement?

Our core company value is to put Pinners first, and it’s present in everything we do. When you put the user first, whether it’s in building a great product or a great help center, engagement will follow.

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