Phillips 66 Initiates Customer Engagement Via GasBuddy

Phillips 66 officials hope to ignite customer engagement through their new partnership with GasBuddy.

Phillips 66 selected GasBuddy Business Pages, the smartphone app company’s B2B Retailer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to help drive excellence across more than 6,000 fuel and convenience stores under the company’s Phillips 66, Conoco, and 76 branded locations across the U.S.

GasBuddy Business Pages is the B2B SaaS platform for the $650 billion retail fuel and convenience store market that allows marketers and operations personnel alike to help them create a “Perfect Pit Stop” for consumers. That means managing critical customer-facing store information such as hours, prices, and amenities; to manage and maintain store performance with respect to customer service and experience and to directly market to GasBuddy consumers products such as loyalty programs and other incentives.

GasBuddy Business Pages ties directly to its consumer-facing smartphone app, which has been downloaded more than 65 million times and attracts millions of station ratings and reviews each month.

With an analytical dashboard that combines insights from these millions of ratings and reviews of the market, as well as competitive benchmarking and foot-traffic data, fuel retailers and convenience stores now have a powerful way to precisely understand business performance at a site level so they can create new strategies to grow market share.

Sarah H. Bolding, senior director of brands at Phillips 66, told Loyalty360 that the company values consumer feedback to not only recognize its operational successes but also identify areas of opportunity.

“Utilizing GasBuddy’s Business Pages, we have the ability to initiate consumer engagement focused on capturing actionable information to help improve the consumer experience at our stations,” Bolding said. “The voice of the consumer is critical and we need to listen and respond appropriately if we expect to gain and maintain their loyalty. Consumers want to know we value their feedback and will make the appropriate adjustments to improve where needed.”

Bolding views the partnership as an opportunity to enhance the overall customer experience.

“Today’s social environment moves at a fast pace, and it is easy for anyone to post a comment, review, or negative experience and potentially reach millions of people,” she explained. “The GasBuddy community is filled with drivers expecting superior service and a clean, safe refueling experience. This partnership provides us with an opportunity to manage our brands and promote to our target consumer audience while monitoring, in real-time, station ratings and reviews that then allow us to benchmark our performance against competitors.”

Bolding said that the definition of loyalty is constantly evolving, especially in this industry.

“We are aware consumers have a myriad of brands to choose from when they need fuel,” she explained. “Our goal is to provide our consumers with a well-lit, safe place to refuel their vehicles while providing excellent service. Delivering that type of experience will drive new consumer acquisition and grow our loyal consumer base.”

GasBuddy has a niche user base that aligns well with Phillips 66’s target audience, Bolding noted.

“We are pleased with the high level of engagement from GasBuddy users,” she explained. “Not only do they respond well to our custom challenges, but they also take the time to provide succinct, detailed information in free form entries. How people interact with brands in the future will change from what it is today. The pilot we are running is just the start of that interaction.” 

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