There is myth that says it’s difficult to engage audiences with online video content, and it’s one that Pitney Bowes is going to dispel. The truth is that online video can be one of the most effective ways to market and sell a product. But it is also true that the fragmented attention spans of viewers can sometimes last only seconds, which does present a challenge that must be overcome.

The solution is to combine personalization with customized interactivity to increase the engagement of viewers. It’s called personalized interactive video (PIV) and it can easily turn passive viewers into active participants though real-time presentations aimed directly at the personal needs of each potential customer. It may sound like science fiction, but new technologies and an array of data gathering techniques are actually making it possible.

Marketers can now harness this power to create a real dialogue with customers, where, when and how they’re ready to listen and respond. These communications are even convenient, accessible and easy to understand. This webinar will discuss the growing trend of using online PIV for better customer engagement.

On June 11, 2015 at 1 p.m. EDT, Loyalty360 will host a webinar, titled “Powering Engagement Through Personalized Viewer-Driven Video,” which will be presented by Pitney Bowes.

This webinar will cover how to: 

  • Create easy-to-understand personalized video bills and statements
  • Instantly deliver consistent presentation videos that are uniquely designed for each viewer
  • Accelerate your sales process and empower your sales teams

The featured webinar speakers will be: Liz Roche, Director of Product Marketing, Customer Engagement Solutions, and Digital Commerce Solutions at Pitney Bowes; and David Schwartz, Vice President of Sales, Digital Commerce Solutions at Pitney Bowes.

“There are so many opportunities to utilize technology to create a higher level of customer engagement, and personalized interactive video is a great example,” shared Erin Raese, President and COO of Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketers’ Association. “This webinar will demonstrate how PIV is being used by different brands to attract and inspire customers. Attendees will also learn from a host of real examples that can be tailored to address specific needs.”

Marketers are invited to join Loyalty360 and Pitney Bowes on June 11, 2015 at 1 p.m. EDT to learn how PIV can drive customer engagement. To register for this webinar and for more information, visit:

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