Personalization Is Only as Engaging as the Customer Information You Have

Personalization, done right, can be one of the most powerful tools a loyalty marketer can attain.

Andrew Gazdecki, CEO, and founder of Bizness Apps believes that there are inherent challenges associated with personalization for loyalty marketers.

“Personalization is only as powerful as the information you have about the customer,” Gazdecki explained. “If that information is incorrect, it makes a great experience worse. If you only have their first name, it falls flat and boring. The more information you can collect, the better you can personalize their experience. The flip side is that it can also be seen as creepy. I would suggest only using information that the customer has been willing to give you. If you’re pulling information from sources they don’t know about, they might not appreciate it.”

What’s more, Gazdecki says that creating an app will be easier than ever in 2017.

“App makers have much more intuitive software that allows anyone to create and publish an app,” Gazdecki explained. “In the past, these tools have been available, but they were difficult to navigate and the features were very limited. Today, you can create a robust app without any mobile app development experience. AI will become more readily available and will make tasks more automated. Customers could talk with a chatbot within your mobile app and get answers without talking to an employee. Employees will be able to get answers from chatbot technology as well. AI will continue to make advancements that will help automate a lot of processes.”

Mobile marketing will become a total solution, Gazdecki noted.

“Instead of focusing on app features, you should be focusing on a complete solution,” he said. “Stamp programs are great, but they should be part of a bigger campaign. When someone walks by your store, you could offer them double points. Send them a notification on their birthday. You have this billboard two feet from their face and it knows your customer very well. Create a solution that provides value and makes your customer want to download your mobile app. Make them feel like a VIP or an insider. Tell them about app-only deals or events.”

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