Beverage maker Pepsi has announced that it will roll out two   location-based mobile campaigns to offer discounts and loyalty points to   consumers who use them to patronize nearby restaurant partners.

In the first, slated to launch in mid-May, the beverage maker will roll out Pepsi Loot, an iPhone app that will use the geo-location   abilities of users’ mobile phones to identify and direct them to nearby   restaurants that serve Pepsi beverages, both chains such as Taco Bell,  Pizza Hut, IHOP, Popeye’s, Dairy Queen and Arby’s and also participating independents with Pepsi on the menu.

Users who find these locations, or “Pop spots”, with the app and go there will then be encouraged by both mobile alerts and in-store signs to “check in”. Users that check in at three pop spots will earn “Loot” loyalty points that can then be redeemed for music downloads from Universal Music Group,  behind-the-scenes video content for mobile phones from Loot featured artists like Jamie Cullum and Katherine McPhee, or discount and free-food offers from Pop Spot member restaurants.

The content will also be made available to visitors to the Pepsi Loot YouTube channel at  The Pop Spots geo-location campaign will reportedly include both a Facebook profile page and a Twitter account that users can like and share or re-tweet,  and where they can post comments about their experiences.

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