Scene Loyalty ProgramEighteen months ago, SCENE gained attention after the movie rewards loyalty program accumulated an impressive 5 million members. And this year, as its momentum continues to build, SCENE is in the spotlight once again.

SCENE, the entertainment focused loyalty program co-owned and operated by Cineplex and Scotiabank, is still Canada’s fastest growing loyalty program. After adding an additional 1.3 million members, it now counts almost 18% of the entire Canadian population among its membership base.

That is customer engagement on an incredible scale, and it’s not all.

SCENE has also just announced the formation of a strategic marketing partnership with another Canadian juggernaut, Sport Chek. As the largest sporting goods retailer in the Canadian marketplace, Sport Chek will help SCENE further extend its already expansive reach.

Now more than 6 million loyalty program members can earn rewards by engaging with more than 1,100 Scotiabank branches, 160 Cineplex theaters, and 180 Sport Chek stores across the country.

Shawn Bloom, Vice President, Operations & Partnerships for the SCENE loyalty program, sees the new partnership as a perfect fit.

“Our members are social seekers,” Bloom explained to Loyalty360. “They are the Canadians who over-index in and out of home spending and activity. They are the ones in the movie theaters on a Friday and Saturday night. They are also very active from a sports perspective, whether that’s attending live sporting events or actually participating in sports. There was a great fit between our demo and the Sport Chek brand.

What’s more, allowing SCENE members to earn points by attending movies and consuming concessions, the new alliance will now allow members to earn and redeem points for every dollar spent at Sport Chek stores. The cross-promotional strategy gets members closer to free movies and Sport Chek discounts with every purchase.

Customer engagement is further encouraged by offering additional rewards such as contests, concert tickets, exclusive celebrity meet-and-greets, and movie premiere passes.

But more than just rewards, part of SCENE’s phenomenal success comes from the meaningful member relationships it works hard to build. SCENE takes a simple, relevant, and focused approach that offers a clear value exchange to members, while also providing the customer experiences they actually want.

“A big part of our role in managing a loyalty program is understanding customers,” Bloom explained. “Understanding their preferences. Understanding where they want the program to go. Understand how they want to be engaged and really trying to act on that. We want to continue to evolve the program to meet the ever changing needs of the membership base. Whether that’s through communication channels, offer types, or different types of rewards. We’re certainly going to evolve the program based on what our customers are telling us.”

The rapid growth of SCENE is expected to continue at the same rate for the next couple of years and aggressive plans to form additional alliances are in the works. However, for SCENE it’s quality over quantity. Rather than seeking out numerous partnerships with hundreds of disconnected brands, SCENE is looking strategically toward building relationships with a few specific brands that make a great fit.

In the end, it all comes back to what is relevant, meaningful, and important to the customer. 

“This idea of getting them to a free movie faster is very appealing,” Bloom added. “And the idea of being able to use their SCENE card where they love to shop, to get them to that free movie faster, is something that they have been asking of us for a long time.”

About the Author: Mark Johnson

Mark is CEO & CMO of Loyalty360. He has significant experience in selling, designing and administering prepaid, loyalty/CRM programs, as well as data-driven marketing communication programs.

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