Overstock: Finalist Preview in Employee Engagement and Impact, Technology and Trends Categories for 2021 Loyalty360 Awards

Jimmy Budnik, the Vice President of CRM for Overstock, spoke about being a finalist for the 2021 Loyalty360 Awards in the Employee Engagement & Impact and Technology & Trends categories that will be given during Loyalty Expo in October.
Overstock is a Salt Lake City-based technology e-commerce retailer with a heavy focus on home goods retail. The company has continually grown since its inception in 1999, and today is a billion-dollar retailer and a go-to source for those in search of the perfect table, chair, bedroom set, and anything in between.

Budnik spoke with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about Overstock’s efforts to further employees’ relationship with the company via their customer-centric approach to business. Overstock acknowledges that employees are home goods customers too, and can relate to the people they help every day. Therefore, Overstock has made an explicit effort to onboard Customer Care employees via empathy training to better relate to customers and enroll employees into their Club O loyalty program where they receive double rewards on each purchase – implementing a clear love for customers into employees’ mindsets. In addition, Overstock’s award-winning mobile app has been developed to make shopping and contacting the digital-only store more straightforward, enabling employees to engage with customers via the user-friendly shopping platform.
Overstock has also made strides in developing their technology, a wise decision for the digital company. By utilizing augmented reality (AR) in their mobile apps, the company can now display true-to-life 3D renderings of their items for sale, making online shopping convenient for customers. Another technological innovation has been their implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots that assist the customer in every facet of the retailer’s website.
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