OpenBrix, which bills itself as “the first blockchain powered decentralized property portal in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, fully open and inclusive to everyone,” has signed a partnership agreement with company REM Loyalty to bring loyalty rewards to renters and buyers.
Within the past 25 years, property portals of publicly traded and private companies have grown to become a global market worth upwards of 100 billion dollars. While it has provided customers with a convenient method of searching for residential, commercial, and industrial properties for sale or rent, the industry is heavily centralized. A small handful of companies in each country wield great power and influence.
Even though rental payments are one of the largest commercial and household expenditures, this category remains one of the least rewarded. OpenBrix has partnered with REM to solve this problem and create a rewarding, customer-first experience for real estate end consumers. Customers who rent or buy a property through the OpenBrix platform will receive loyalty points that can be exchanged for services from several vendors, such as Uber, StubHub, and others.
“With a decentralized and distributed property portal, OpenBrix creates a fair transparent rewarding network,” says Amy Orivel, CEO of OpenBrix. “For the first time, a new generation of renters and buyers will receive rewards when they make rent payments, receive positive inspection report, or even buy a house! This rewards driven platform will encourage a new culture within the property portal sector.”
“Our partnership with OpenBrix is founded upon our mutual commitment to customer-first business strategy supported by technology,” says Zdravko Loborec, founder of REM Loyalty. “Together, we can further disrupt the real estate industry with an unprecedented loyalty rewards program to its stakeholders while providing our ecosystem’s partners with access to markets in EMEA and Asia.”
“Real estate is a people-centric business,” says Jason Duncan, CEO of RentalMiles North America. “Partners like OpenBrix provide the local knowledge of the regions in which our customers are interested in making an investment so that we can better advise them in cross-border transactions.”
OpenBrix celebrated its partnership with REM on Twitter and included the hashtag “#changeiscoming.” In the same tweet, the brand stated that “More partnerships are on the way.”

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